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  1. WittyWman at | | Reply

    I agree with you..she looks awesome..

  2. Arti at | | Reply

    Wow she looks stunning!

  3. Shaila at | | Reply

    She’s knocked this one right out of the ball park. I haven’t yet seen Katrina’s pic but I’m certain that Anushka will be looking better.

  4. Fatimah at | | Reply

    OMG she looks perfect
    everything dress- make up – hair – jewelery
    just PERFECT

  5. DiptiN at | | Reply

    Nice, love the hair. I think she had the best look at this event.

  6. tosh at | | Reply

    im sorry but this looks shiny and cheap! reminds me of small shows in vegas. the hair n makeup is good though.

  7. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    I am not sure I like that gown but she does look amazing!!! The ol Hollywood hair…props!!!

  8. cotton at | | Reply

    just WOW….

  9. Mick at | | Reply

    If owning Katrina was the brief given to her stylist,he deserves a giant fat raise……….

  10. neha at | | Reply

    Sorry …but that gown is absurd , shiny and tacky.it looks like gift wrap to me.not good

    1. S at | | Reply


    2. Aditi at | | Reply

      completely agree

    3. Paddy at | | Reply


    4. kasthuri at | | Reply

      +1. Agreed. Shiny and tacky. Does not photograph well.

    5. Nisha B at | | Reply

      She dressed so well for the promos but chose this dress which looks like it’s made from recycled plastic bags for the big day..but yes this dress is better than the one kat wore.

      1. sayee at | | Reply

        +1 ……total fugliness …….

  11. S at | | Reply

    The gown is shiny, plasticky looking, and plain tacky.

  12. bunnybunny at | | Reply

    sorry does’nt work for me, it looks like a badly tailored mermaid gown made from an equally bad cheap fabric..her hair and makeup are fabulous though..

  13. S at | | Reply

    Am I the only one who was dying to see atleast two of the current Yash Chopra heroines in gorgeous, dreamy chiffon sarees that they are synonymous with. This is huge disappointment!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      +1. That would have been awesome !

    2. dn at | | Reply

      Katrina should have been in a dreamy chiffon according to the promos. Anushka seems like a tomboy in the film, so I guess she stuck to western wear. She looks great.

    3. Puja Singh at | | Reply

      aww… wt a gr8 idea… y didnt ths idea came in kat n anushka’s mind :(

  14. A at | | Reply

    Best dressed?

  15. SLC at | | Reply

    I wish the tulle (bottom) portion of gown would have been made of another fabric…that said Anushka looks gorgeous. Love her hair and makeup.

  16. angl at | | Reply

    BEST dressed at this event.

  17. Lola at | | Reply

    Roberto Cavalli or not, the bottom half (knees down-ward) of the dress is ghastly.

  18. just me at | | Reply

    Not a fan of the gown but Anushka looks absolutely smashing!

  19. Jyoti at | | Reply

    not a fan of the gown at all

  20. lovely at | | Reply


  21. Purvi at | | Reply

    Tacktastic gown! She looks lovely though.

  22. Twinkle Toes at | | Reply

    There was an interview where Anupama Chopra asks Anushka if she was intimidated by Katrina Kaif’s beauty and I was thinking “Whaaaat!?”. Katrina Kaif is very pretty. But so is Anushka Sharma. Her skin is always alabaster radiant and her smile just shines through. She is also a decent actor. She does look great here but then she always does. :)

  23. clutch at | | Reply

    the gown is so meh!but she looks lovely

  24. amber at | | Reply

    I love the gown though I’m not sure it fits in with the whole yashraj feel. She looks good though. The hair, I don’t love

  25. nawar at | | Reply

    i think anushka looks lovely. when you notice katrina , you can see clearly , anushka wins hands down :) LOVELY!!

  26. SS at | | Reply

    She is looking pretty but Yash Chopra would be so diappointed seeing his leading ladies wearing such tacky clothes. where are the Chiffon Sarees.

  27. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Not the best gown.. but I am just so relieved to not see another tacky/blingy Abu?sandeep/MM/TT/Sabya monstrosity.. and she kept the styling simple.. nice.. Thank you Anushka

  28. sana at | | Reply

    she looks great, the dress is ugly. and she’s posing very very uncomfortably.

  29. chungachanga at | | Reply

    clever, clean & ladylike, not hot but its good enough for her.

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