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    Among the recent actresses, only Anushka can make me stop and look back while scrolling down! Anyone else would have made this appearance so blah, but not this girl! Way to go Anushka, infact I’m eagerly waiting to see a “WTHeyyy!!!” by her (i.e if that’s ever possible).

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    im speechless. just WOW!

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    She looks great and i actually kinda like the sari. However, I do have a gripe with the blouse. It is too itsy bitsy in terms of length, much like Deepika Padukone’s blouses. Baring too much midriff in a sheer sari like this looks weird. Not sure about the spaghetti straps either. The blouse just doesn’t enhance the sari like it should.

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      Agree. Don’t think the blouse is very flattering on her.

      Also, the jhumkis are lovely but way too big for her face. Like the sari and love the makeup though!

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          Agree, the jhumkis are too big for her face (which is small). She reminds me of a ‘marapachi bommai’

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    Wish the eyes were softer.

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      Totally agree. Stunning except those eyes are just too hard. On a side note her face has Changed so much!

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    Her make up is perfection!

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    Woww!!! She looks so different!! Almost unrecognizable.

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    WOW! I am glad she is mixing it up with western and Indian wear!!

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    Anushka is quite a chameleon! Not to crazy about the saree but the hair, make-up and earrings are fab.

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    There is something about her that’s changed, she looks cosmetic and it shows clearly. It’s not just a physical change but also what she exudes through emotion, expression.. wish she goes back to what she was, never trying hard

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      umm..its probably that she’s not smiling as much in photo ops (a possible side effect of bollywood ;))…regardless she looks amazing!!

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    She looks amazing!!!!

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    Love, love , love the make up and hair. The saree is so, so. Agree with a comment above that the jhumkis though lovely, are too big for her face

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    sorry hate the jhumkis on her.. she has too small a face and those jhumkis are wayyy too big

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    Now, THIS is how you wear, and accessorise, a saree! She looks stunning!

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    Beautiful!! Love it!

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    I dont like the saree… she looks lovely neck-up. The jhumkas are too big for her face… but I love the idea behind the look.

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    Her hair is too tight, almost bald look is rarely flattering on anyone. A loose, flowy updo would’ve been prettier and softer. The blouse is icky, sari could be better. Make up is amazing!

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      Agreed. Though even make-up should have been toned down a little – and her face has changed so much – she looks plastic – the healthy glow of her face is gone.

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    am i the only one who thinks she look bald ?!

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    I like the saree, but she has over dramatized her face.

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    Everything works here she looks beautiful except a gripe about the jhumkas…they look much too big

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    Why won’t you approve my comment, PnP? Its harmless and yet awaiting moderation :)

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      You know why! ;)

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    Super like ….

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    neat salmon pink colour, she looks uncomfortable.

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