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  1. $ at | | Reply

    I would have gone for Blue flats.

  2. shruti at | | Reply

    one thing is for sure she has found her ‘look’…just like we know what a deepika, sonam or katrina ‘look’ is…we know anushka’s style is easy going n chilled out…think she really doesnt care what ppl think about her wearing flats..although i wish she wud step up her shoe game…and she shud wear a saree n a long gown soon ;)

    1. Desimom at | | Reply

      Agree.. Want to see her in a saree..
      She looks so cute in this outfit..

  3. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks great. Compared to all those fugly atrocities in the name of chappals that Ms Balan and others wear on this site, I never see a problem with her flats or these type of ones. They look sweet. She looks awesome mostly with her relaxed style.

    1. Ali at | | Reply

      There we go again…

  4. re at | | Reply

    comfort over style always..

  5. Stylebhelpuri at | | Reply

    Nay…this look deserved pretty silver jootis.

  6. srea at | | Reply

    I understand the choice to wear flats…I hate it that to a certain extent how good/sexy you look is determined by whether you are wearing heels. Having said that I don’t understand why she didn’t just go for jooti-s. The pair she has on is such a downer!

  7. Bluebells at | | Reply

    Although she looks cute here but I feel she shouldnt go for such muted shades. She is very fair, vibrant colours look great on her but yea I understand her preference for a change now. I like the dress, suits her. Its a clean look.

    I have been observing her. Since the time she finally came out in public more since her PK promotion days, she has been wearing flats ALL THE TIME! ALWAYS the one going for easy breezy fuss free looks with comfort forming a core. :) I really love her for this!! We can attach a personality to her unlike So am (who sadly is hailed as a fashionista) with NO personal sense of style.

    1. Bluebells at | | Reply

      Unlike Sonam*.

  8. Amelia at | | Reply

    I’m beginning to notice that tall women ike Anushka, Sonam, Deepika…etc., wear flat shoes when they’re appearing with male actors, whether the male actors are tall or short. I don’t get it really! But she looks so beautiful here, despite the shoes (which I personally like, but not with this outfit)!

  9. Farah Khan at | | Reply

    love love love….

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