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    dunno about the dress, but that is one long, long rambling sentence! over-enthusiastic editor, hello?

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    Looking good!

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    I don’t care for the dress or the stying but its still way better than Elle Cover….atleast she looks like herself here!!!! That cover was photo-shopped to the hilt.

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    Is it just me or doesn’t she look so much like a modern Deepti Naval in that Hello cover?!

    1. Ria at | | Reply

      spot on with the resemblance reference!

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    Why are they trying to fit everyone into the same mould? I love anushka and I love her personal style – which is chic and bohemian. Its a breath of fresh air in today’s designer label sporting mannequins. But look at these pics and they’re doing it to her too. Those stale poses and the boring same old monotoned clothes. Dress to the personality, don’t tailor the person to the clothes which seems to be happening a lot. So much so that they all look alike – Bipasha, PC, Malaika and not anushka is falling prey…
    Couldn’t the photographer think of anything else to do besides have a pose like a chicken in the red?

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      OMG I totally agree! I am so tired of the same old poses (high fashion couture attempts!) instead of letting their personalities come out. Anushka for one always seems wayyyyyyy too perfect in magazines. They photoshop her so much she looks robotic and lifeless. They need to step it up and do something different. These shoots are not at all innovative.

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      agree, and she made herself factory thin too. the gal just lost her spunk.

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      So so true. It’s like they all stepped out of the same factory’s assembly line..

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    I really like the red dress

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    she looks like sunney leone in the first (photoshopped) picture.

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    I hate the blue dress? that she is wearing in the cover. The dress, the angle, the color patches reminds me of a weird swimming costume on an extra long midriff. She almost look like she was scolded during the photo shoot and is ready to cry over it.
    The red dress, on the other hand, looks awesome. And I loved her in the Elle cover… she looks young, expressive and vibrant!

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