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  1. Sonia at | | Reply

    Am telling u again,those bangs are not suiting her!

    1. and at | | Reply

      No way…She rocks them..but then bangs always grab exteme reactions..

      1. Sonia at | | Reply

        I kinda feel that they arent cut properly. Or maybe its just me. I like softer looking bangs!

    2. Bigpuffyclouds at | | Reply

      Co-signed. Not digging the laloo prasad yadav style bangs at all.

      1. SS at | | Reply

        LOL agreed! They are sitting flat on her head and are scanty… I feel the volume should have been higher. They look like bangs I could cut at home.. look at the mirror and snip! Very bad hair…

  2. Amy at | | Reply

    She’s looking good! The bangs are working for her with this hairstyle and dress.

  3. Myvoiceandyours at | | Reply

    She’s looking super damn crazy well put together! I tell you, this Chica is channelling a very modern Audrey Hepburn !!

  4. Cara at | | Reply

    Divine. She’s surpassed Sonam as the style diva to watch in the sense her choices are always a bit more “real life” and effortless/ fresh. And kudos to her for trying out the bangs.

  5. olive at | | Reply

    Super fresh looking. That lip colour looks so refreshing with the green in the dress.

  6. Megha at | | Reply

    flat? say whaaaat?
    she looks amazing in such an effortless way
    i’m hardly ever a fan of such blunt bangs but hey she’s owning them!
    Go Anushka!

  7. Lola at | | Reply

    Not a fan of the dress but she looks good.

  8. Archita at | | Reply

    I kinda love this look
    …and she rocks those bangs! I am quite beginning to love Anushkas style sensibilities.

  9. Rajvi Bhow at | | Reply

    finally gotten used to seeing the bangs on her and she sure looks good with them!

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