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  1. Ss at | | Reply

    Nice! Major envy on the hair. So shiny and healthy

  2. tique at | | Reply

    very butch but so much better than her regular turn-out! tough looks better on her than flirty.

  3. judge at | | Reply

    Any idea on what the neckwear is? looks interesting!

  4. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    She looks amazing!!! But I feel the hair pulled back would have had even more of an impact, it doesn’t let u see the necklace properly.

  5. just me at | | Reply

    She looks like Sonam in the first pic. Good that she kept the lip color muted. Not a big fan of the look (cause of the hair – should have been sleek and pulled back/away and those cut out parts on the top kinda look funny) but overall she is really working the look

  6. Natasha at | | Reply

    ooh she looks nice! just not a fan of diff colors of black in clothing

  7. veenu at | | Reply

    I find the cleavage on this particular suit distracting, given that I am really wanting to look at that neck piece but cant, with all that hair and the cleavage:(

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I agree. With the cut outs, the necklace, the hair, its all way too much. I find this tacky.

  8. Ena at | | Reply

    Jacqueline Fernandes wore the same top in her recent FHM shoot, if Im not wrong. And looked better too.

  9. soniya at | | Reply

    i can imagine sonam kapoor wearing this suit!! she looks lovely!

  10. sadi at | | Reply

    she is one of the rare ones in bollyland who dresses according to her personality. Not styled to death by ”stylists” who murder style. Didn’t want to sound harsh but it’s true for most ”fashionistas”. Like most things real style is a reflection of oneself.

    1. s at | | Reply

      Very true.

      1. sadi at | | Reply

        cheers s!

  11. adya at | | Reply

    don’t really like the mid riff, the buttons on the pants and the pointy end of the top. A designer look should have no awkward bits. She looks good though.

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