1. I know the glasses is part of the look but I donn like em at all and the curls either. Pulled back hair would have been better but she does look nice…

  2. i’m still curious as to what exactly she’s famous for.

    good look though. better than that dangerously shoer mini she sported in your last post about her.

  3. She kinda looks like Madhuri Dixit in the first picture :)
    I personally wouldnt wear those jeans but I guess everythings ok with that body! :-D (It’s so unfair no that she’s such a talented singer but at the same time such a pretty face and hot body, too! )

  4. the top is zara! i read somewhere that she had dropped something on her top and had to dash to the zara store (which is also located in the same mall as the resturant where the brunch was)

  5. Funny how you girls like this look…thought the visibility of inner wear always “killed” the looks for you (going by your past blog entries)


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