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  1. Adya at | | Reply

    Now this is funky! Love.

  2. sona at | | Reply

    she looks like mujrewali with that hair..

  3. Lola at | | Reply

    Pretty woman with an ugly dress. I don’t quite understand the rage with this label; the designer turn out unattractive creations.

  4. just me at | | Reply

    You’ve gotta be kidding me! This atrocity is not WTHeyyy!? Just that clump of hair/feathers/whatever and where it’s been placed is enough…shudder…

    1. Stilletogal at | | Reply

      That’s what I thought and had a good laugh…still cant get over it

      1. Sani at | | Reply

        hahahah I just noticed and can not stop laughing!!! lol.

        1. Rajvi at | | Reply

          Yuck after reading this..thats the only thing i can look at..

  5. Sree at | | Reply

    Ummm..any dress that mimics fuzz in the crotch area cannot be good for anyone

    1. Amrita at | | Reply

      haha..my thoughts exactly…+1

  6. monika at | | Reply

    Funky – sure. but don’t like the hair one bit!

  7. npm at | | Reply

    Ice follies star

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