In Falguni And Shane Peacock


Bipasha wasn’t the only one in Falguni and Shane Peacock at the Grand Prix after-party… Also sporting the label were Anusha and Sophie. The designer duo sure are having a great run!

Both Anusha and Sophie looked great at the do but we preferred Anusha just by a teeny bit more. Sophie’s strappy heels felt a bit too safe and bland for the dress; ankles-up, we have no complaints!

Anusha Dandekar (Left) And Sophie Choudry At Lap Buddh Circuit F1 Party

Photo Credit: IBN


  1. Not a fan of Sophie’s dress. It looks more like a dance costume…Also I think that flesh colored dresses tend to wash people out, making them tough to wear.

  2. Anusha looked gorgeous, top to bottom, not liking Sophie a bit, which is one of the rare things…….. her dress is so costume-like and didnt go with the balance look

  3. Both look good. I never like Anusha but this is a nice change. I know what you mean about Sophie’s shoes but i still like this dress on her! They wear Peacock well!

  4. I think they both look good and they are not wannabees guys they both are well known its not necessary that you only have to be a movie star to dress well!!

  5. hey guys, i just realised…you guys didn’t cover Avantika!

    She’s Miss Frumpy no more! Looks like she hired a stylist…she looked good at this event!


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