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  1. Raspberry at | | Reply

    The folded bit doesn’t help Anupama and Mansi’s pants just suck in general.

  2. Nosh at | | Reply

    I actually like Anupama’s

  3. manisha at | | Reply

    interesting caption..they fall “short” because both their pants are a tad too short to wear with those shoes. also,anupama is too plain. a nice bright belt would jazz the outfit up. the hair sucks too.

    is mansi wearing courduroys? in that case, i can’t even start to explain why the outfit doesn’t work…..

  4. Shreya at | | Reply

    length of their pants is so oodddddddddddddddd…..looks funny

  5. Karishma at | | Reply

    No statement piece! Just a splash of color and they wud hv looked far btr IMO.

  6. anita at | | Reply

    is it winter already?? tsk tsk

  7. namrata at | | Reply

    i think the other girl is Neha not Mansi Scott

  8. RJPERKY at | | Reply

    love mansi’s watch..is that the new breitling? chunky bangles seem her fav….and i love her chloe bag

  9. pdaervo at | | Reply

    length and fit of pants
    nothing that really stands out

  10. sk at | | Reply

    annupama shouldn’t wear folded pants and mansi’s are too short. also annumpama needs a hair cut.

  11. Karma at | | Reply

    Funny (bad) pants. Also Mansi Scott has far too many textures and shades of black on.

  12. Dahlia Noir at | | Reply

    shorter jeans and a bit more jewellery would have looked better.

  13. Rolie at | | Reply

    i wish they had put on a BELT and a more interesting BAG…
    espicially for Verma…her bag is…well you can’t even n otice it
    I don’t like verma’s shirt either…for he skin tone she should have had a brighter color

  14. Anjali at | | Reply

    Chunky, beaded jewellery for Anupama and some stylish, well tailored black capris for Mansi :)

  15. biily at | | Reply

    hey who is this mansi chick? very hot..you profile her so much..love her clothes..loved her host a hair show last night..gorgeous gowns..i believe she was dressed by gavin miguel…they said she’s in the record books for max live show performances..could you help me with more info on her stylist..she’s always flambouyantly great

  16. sonal at | | Reply

    Anupama is working the outfit well IMO..

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