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  1. DiptiN at | | Reply

    I love the way she dresses, simple, elegant and I love that she does not wear high heels. But these two outfits are both terrible, especially the blue maxi, looks like a tent

    1. sanya at | | Reply

      agree totally with ya. Anu is an elegant woman but these dresses are ugly plainly

  2. Paddy at | | Reply

    The look on the right is missing a pair of cigarette pants. The Kurta is gorgeous!!

  3. KJ at | | Reply

    What did she do? Raid Neha Dhupia’s wardrobe?

    The right one – definitely missing bottoms.

  4. Farrah at | | Reply

    Anupama is a darling, but there HAS to be a better for her to showcase her legs. Such boxy silhouettes certainly don’t accentuate these stems. So by default, left wins.

  5. Ali at | | Reply

    Neither is flattering.

  6. DArjiFashion at | | Reply

    just because some thing is trendy, one doesn’t have to wear it. these clothes are not for her.

  7. za at | | Reply

    I quite love the look on the left. Couldn’t help feeling a collar pin would’ve elevated the look – but maybe not on Anu Chopra :) I generally like her keepin-it-sophisticated vibe.

  8. Asha at | | Reply

    You gotta hand it to Payal Khandwala – she’s managed to convey the impression to so many people that these shapeless bedsheets are actually designer wear.

    1. Siri at | | Reply

      My exact thoughts every time I see Payal Khandwala’s boxy dresses on celebs. LOL!

    2. Melange at | | Reply


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