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  1. Violet at | | Reply

    Hahah. Yay the Moschinos are having a little reunion party in her wardrobe after ages.

  2. JA at | | Reply

    LOVE the dress.. it is so smart and effortless.

  3. Asha at | | Reply

    Inclined to give her a 10/10 just for not wearing the Moschino’s :-)

  4. Lalitha at | | Reply

    For once I actually like something she is wearing–or maybe it is more the ombre visuals. The cuff is fab but as always it looks like everything is wearing her rather than the other way around. She goes for amazing brands and all but it never looks quite right on her…no sense of true inner style maybe! Open toed heels would have worked better.

  5. trupsster at | | Reply

    What does she do for a living? And I am asking this as a genuine question; I don’t think she’s an actress (ex or current), and isn’t any actor/designer’s wife, or afaik is not a designer herself… so what is her claim to fame? And again, I’m 100% not being mean or bitchy at all, I genuinely don’t know about this person.

    As for the outfit, I like the colours in this one, but prefer her previous Moschinos anyday!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      +1 i wonder the same.

    2. Priyanka at | | Reply

      sadly, you don’t need to be an actress or designer’s wife, or a designer to be part of the Bollywood and/or fashion brigade. She is simply married to Sunny Dewan, MD of a property development company which gives her access to billions, literally.

  6. % at | | Reply

    Can somebody id this lip color

    1. Neha at | | Reply

      It is either Mac Pink Plaid or Chatterbox lipstick.

  7. Melange at | | Reply

    The only good thing about this look is the lip-colour.

  8. donkey at | | Reply

    I do not like anything she wears. It’s not the clothes, it’s got to do with her.

    1. trupsster at | | Reply

      Haha! What did she do? :D

  9. fifi at | | Reply

    OHno. This is not the sighting I would have expected for Bulgari serpenti cuff. It looks meh here.

  10. Sheneen at | | Reply

    Is it Bulgari?thought the brand is Bvlgari

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