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  1. Adit at | | Reply

    All the clothes look a tad big for her…but I guess she must have rushed to get the collections, before her husbands biggest society step ins…

  2. annapurna at | | Reply

    I find her very graceful and dignified….. not overtly exposing and blingy like some of the Rich-folks we see on sites.

  3. malini at | | Reply

    yess. sigh of relief indeed.. please give us a time to recover before you start posting about her again.

    having said that.. did she get get one second one free deal..lol

    so long………….sucker

  4. gopala at | | Reply

    IS she paying you to do this? Why are you obsessed with an average looking woman with no fashion sense at all?

  5. po at | | Reply

    Hate her !

  6. kayshika at | | Reply

    Damn rich girl with all her dresses, shoes, and purses!!
    precisely the reason why i cant wait to be a doctor!

  7. k=kirthi at | | Reply

    there are so many stunning dresses available on neiman!! whyyyy would she choose such a boring one??!!

  8. anita at | | Reply

    And this brings Anu’s HDIL Couture Week bill for clothing, shoes and accessories to ….?? about $20K?

  9. trivialimagery at | | Reply

    i wish she’d have changed her hair a little, during the week. Same ole style…tch..tch..i’m marginally miffed.

  10. fopa at | | Reply

    no way! its not disspointing that dress is gorjus
    so wat atleast she didnt repeat it

  11. roadslider at | | Reply

    Great dress and i love the LV clutch.. She’s looking stunning..

  12. moni at | | Reply

    I am going to run away from your web site if you post one more picture of her.

  13. fuschiagirl at | | Reply

    I absolutely love the wayshe looks her…. chic !

  14. anita at | | Reply

    err.. what did she wear on Day 5?

  15. racket at | | Reply

    My my my, Madam Anu’s Salwar Kameez friends are all here, complimenting on her Dabur Amla hair and Karol Bagh chic. P&P, can we compare our shrink’s billls in case some of us get Madam Anu withdrawal syndrome?

  16. amna at | | Reply

    its the same clutch as before.. the motard from lv, she has two in dif colours… i LOVE the clutch.. although the pucci killed the beige one and this outfit kills the black one :(

  17. fuschiagirl at | | Reply

    here i mean … lol

  18. Monika at | | Reply

    I think she looks okay – not stunning, but okay.

  19. suchi at | | Reply

    yay no more anu!

  20. mishka at | | Reply

    i agree with trivialimages…she has got quite an expensive collection of dresses but wats d point if she looks monotonous everyday bcoz of d same hair…even d dresses look d same 2 me…they all r gorgeous of course…but they all look like a bunch of tunics…she should have changed her look every other day!! (maybe a sari one day, soft curls and other day one of these dresses and a high updo…next day straight hair)…instead of buying these dresses and purses she should try buying some books on hair styles and makeup…i hope you are listening!!!

  21. K at | | Reply

    C’mon guys, give her a break…. she’s quite pretty and hasn’t really looked bad in anything she’s made an appearence in. Her choice of clothes, accessories, clutches, shoes is def not bad. Props to her for looking good :)

    HOWEVER, where I do agree with you all – enough of her already! I’m tired of seeing her everytime I come overhere. She’s very pretty and all…. but we need to see others now. Actually I’m tired of all this HDIL fashion week, period.

  22. anita at | | Reply

    bye bye anu

  23. priya at | | Reply

    phewwww! i hope i dont have 2 see nouveau riche ms.dewan for a long long time! hate these ‘my-husband’s-loaded-and-i-wanna-flaunt-how-rich-we-are” type wannabes!

  24. pdaervo at | | Reply

    shalwar kameez face is all I can’t think now that I look at her

  25. Blooo at | | Reply

    i think we r being really harsh on her… everybody starts being rich at some point. all rich people were newly rich at some point in time! Yeah we were bombarded with her face more than we would have liked but I do have to agree we were most unkind to her.. unfairly sometimes ! :)
    if i had a rich husband, i would have used his money as well I think .. LOL

  26. annie at | | Reply

    I agree with a couple of other posters that Anu looks sophisticated and dignified. I don’t see why she should change her hairstyle and makeup. Actually, if she were to do that, then I might call her nouveau riche. She manages to keep her look understated yet elegant by not going overboard with the bling-bling and avoiding overly done hair and makeup. Her style is a refreshing change from most other people.

  27. annie at | | Reply

    Infact props to her for not coloring her blonde before donning these dresses. Its her salwar-kameez face that makes her look prettier in this heavy duty designer wear :)

  28. NJ at | | Reply

    She looks demure and elegant…what’s wrong with that? If high fashion means one is supposed to look like Laila Lamba, Kaykashan Patel and Queenie Dhody…all butt and cleavage and too-tight-age-inappropriate designer trash, i’m glad she’s ‘boring’. She looks good.

  29. Surbhi at | | Reply

    I think everyone is being unfair to her.. she is looking good and not nouveau riche.. i dont think her family has just started the business so its unfair to say that..

  30. Nisha at | | Reply

    She HASN’T been doing a “my-husband’s-loaded-and-i-wanna-flaunt-how-rich-we-are”, people! C’mon!
    We haven’t been seeing her sporting logo-ed out stuff and strutting about like she owns the place. She’s been pretty simple and sweet.. wearing luxury brands cuz she definitely can afford it.
    I don’t see any-any-anything wrong with that.

  31. Blooo at | | Reply

    yes and I do not think that it looks like she is trying too hard in any of the pics. She might have a bit of a quirky sense of style with the prints and colours but thats being “unsafe” and sorta admirable. I mean Sarah Jessica Parker is revered for her quirky sense of style!! I do not want to go as far as to say they are in any way similar but Anu has been decent in all her pics….

  32. racket at | | Reply

    Ok, Anu De(e)wan(is), I give up. You guys win, man. I wish I had such loverly friends to give me props. Prost to Dabur Amla and Karol Bagh! P&P, can we now have Madam Anu in a quirky, sophisticated, dignified, good Salwar Kameez so that I can be nice to her?

  33. kareena at | | Reply

    she looks decent here,i dint recognize her as not scary expression

  34. chic chick at | | Reply

    Wow check out all the envy on this site. Tired of the noveu rich types are we?? And what exactly are all of the commentors on this site like? prestigious old money, born to the country’s biggest families I’m sure. Stop being so snobbish and give her a break. You know you’d love ot be in her place.
    I think the fact that she wears understated outfits makes her very classy, not noveu rich. She’s comfortable with her money and not into bling.

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