A Full House… And Some More


Update: After reading some of your comments, I went back and looked at the orange one and you all were right! There is an orange one too! But, guess what! Not only does she have five of the regular 35cm size (although I think the blue is a 40cm), she also has the smaller 25cm version in black. And, I believe this is where it all started from because the picture is from the HDIL Indian Oaks Race held last March. ;)


Left: At HDIL Indian Oaks, March 2008
Right: At Art Of Taste Event, March 2009


The grey is still our favorite, but now we are really quite tempted to steal one of her Birkins to buy ourselves the droolworthy Oscar Darjeeling Minaudiere! (Scroll below to the next post to see what it is.)


Far Left: At Araish Event
Left: At Araish Event
Right: At Samsaara Spring Preview
Far Right: Neeta Lulla Collection Preview

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Her look is always the same…
    its just a different colour top, different colour trousers and a different colour bag…different colours shoes – but everything is the same STYLE!
    Boring and time to move on!

  2. Firstly….P&P….m a huge fan of you guys…..
    I dont understand why she can’t carry a Birkin off…something that Posh and Katie do SOOOO much better. Her birkins look almost totally empty and TOOO big. Somehow she seems to totally not understand that size is not proportional to looking classy (even with a birkin)

  3. lol, Payal, if that first one is actually the orange one and looks yellow because of the picture, what are the odds that the others are also the same bag and just appear as different colors because of the photography? wishful thinking i guess.

    for those wondering who she is: she’s the wife of sunny dewan, owner of dewan housing. not sure if she herself does anything for a living. i wonder what it’s like to be her. *tosses hair with wrist flick*

  4. Same Style, same smile, same hair and same leg posture.. ughhh !!! just diff kindda cloths and birkin.. all birkins r looking sooo bad on her..!!its sad to see this as Im a birkin lover and a proud owner.
    Blue jean birkin is defi a 40 cm.

  5. BTW I am more envious of her BV collection than the birkins….. birkins can make someone look really chic and sophisticated… but on anu it looks like just another bag.

  6. seriously – how filthy rich do u have to be to own one in every color almost.. but i have to say its gettign kinda boring.. wud be nice to see her with a diff bag.. a bottega or jimmy choo or even a prada..

  7. i just dont understand it! I mean its an awesome bag..but why would you want to own the same thing in all different shapes, colours and sizes? I know I know its THE Birkin I am talking about but still..if i really really like a pair of shoes or a dress of even a bag i don’t go and buy 10 of the same thing. and if i did i dont think i’d enjoy it as much anymore. There are so many options out there…so many other nice bags..just dont get it.

  8. Ugh! This girl makes me sick with all her expensive bags and watches and tops. But she has good taste so I forgive her :) haha. I’m very curious, though, to know if she DOES anything on her own besides attending these events as pretty miss thing? atleast bff twinkle has a side interest/business in interior design.

  9. I think it would be easy enough to get crazy (& broke) to have one bag in so many colours. Or if not that then she can be sure that she is just about to complete the colour chart from kindergarten

  10. Her style is same and boring. Money for all those super expensive bags but she has repeated her silver heels so many times. May be should spend money on shoes next!

  11. can someone please do the math already?Im sure theres a few of u who know exactly how much any of these cost.P & P think u should do a section on how much Anu Dewan spends on these.

  12. She looks ridiculous. It’s like she went out and heard one day that there are these expensive bags that are “in” so she ran to buy every color she could get her hands on to show off.

    How is this really stylish? She’s blindly following a trend and wasting money.

  13. this is actually ridiculous!
    I LOVEEEE the birkin, but even I wouldn’t do this!

    an excerpt from Shobhaa De’s column:

    ‘What depresses me the most about current society journalism is the lack of critical standards. Anybody and everybody is described as a ‘style icon’. Some trashy socialite buys A Birkin, and she is lauded for her great taste. Come on, guys… all it takes is money to acquire a Birkin. How about some originality? Individuality?’

    PS: the grey is my fav too!

  14. Love, love, love the Birkin – there’s a reason Hermes and LV bags never have store sales on their bags – they are meant to be classics. The new Hermes Lindy bag is also lovely. For those who think 5 borders on excessive, think that the croc birkin costs double the price of the leather one and folks have made-to-order, jewel-encrusted versions which cost 5 times as much in every colour – taking excessive to new levels!

  15. Looking at her i’m convinced there can be too much of a good thing. I would never get a dozen of these just coz I can .

  16. she is the wife of sunny dewan who is one of the biggest property developers of the country…HDIL as far as i recall. so yes, she is beyond rich…complete with a yacht and private jet and the whole show.
    The birkin is a classy bag….but she cant carry it off. The problem with impressive clothes/accessories is that one’s person has to be equally impressive, or the the thing wears the person….as in her case.

  17. She is Anu Dewan the wife of Sunny Dewan -The MD of HDIL .The largest infrastructure company
    Love her collection . Shes simply GORGEOUS! :)

  18. ahem…even if you had a lot of money to probably throw away…y on earth wud nybody want to buy the same thing in six shades..i mean seriously??

  19. are you kidding me???? 6 BIRKINS???? this lady’s birkin’s are worth more than the combined wardrobes of everyone who posted on this page! lol

    no offence anyone! just jokes!!! :D
    but seriously…this is tooooo much. its an overkill

  20. I agree with that Shobha De excerpt…the society needs to re-evaluate itself and proceed towards a more critical approach to fashion. About Anu, her style is more boring than Deepika or Aishwarya. And that’s saying something! lol

  21. LOL i totally agree with someone above saying that her look is exactly the same in every pic!! I mean how boring and predictable can one’s warbrobe be? and all those birkins…i think its laughable that someone would have one kind of bag in different colors..sure go ahead if you have the $$ but as the old saying goes….MONEY DOESN’T BUY STYLE!!

  22. I like the Birkin – its a timeless classic – but what indian socialites and rich ladies who lunch and sit on charity boards forget is the number one rule of effortlessly putting together a an ensemble – don’t let the look wear you- and yes I know it’s a bag – but it looks so wrong on her- like she is carrying it because it’s a birkin – I have seen other (western) celebs/debutantes/socialites carry the Birkin with not so much a care in the world and it actually looks like the bag has a purpose (read as- it has stuff in it – that one would normally have in a handbag) and this lady always looks like she is carrying it to be photographed…

  23. Here my friends, is a fine example of a fashion victim with no originality.

    Aah! Vogue says birkin good, birkin expensive.. I go buy all of them. I also wear shirt dresses all the time.

  24. women!
    other than pic 2, all the others are so YAWNNNN inducing..
    i mean .. okay its THE BIRKIN!!, THE holy grail of all bags, but lets for a moment look at her fashion sense unbiased. the flowery top in pic 1, the all too predictable ensemble in pic 3, that very goan-auntyish shirt in pic 4, GASP @ THOSE GHASTLY DENIMS in pic 5 and the weird color combination in pic 6..
    apart from that, the same eye makeup, same side pose, same hair with the middle parting, same type of heels and same large dialed watches in ALL her appearances..

    boring, dowdy and predicatable

    ok shes not a WTHey but i have never seen u even posting her as on the fence.. just cos she carries a birkin! i mean look at her!!! just look at her. she has NO style whatsover…

  25. wow wow wow….how lucky …I LOOVE the birkin… she’s lucky and you guys are just jealous I mean how many of us can even dream of having one let alone six…. I think she looks chic… better than lets see Divya, Poonam, Aarti, Maheep,Tulip, Avanti oh the list just goes on.

  26. @ flowy

    Who in their right mind would be jealous of the SAME EXACT purse in different colors? I would be jealous if she actually knew how to wear one properly with some stylish clothes

  27. The Birkin is definitely timeless, and so is Anu Dewan. No matter what she wears, I think she looks impressive. However, I would love to see her venture out to other designers, 5 different colors is a little too much. Maybe a Louis or Bottega next time?

  28. it really saddens me to see that in a country like india, where poverty is abundant, these socialites are splurging their money on such accessories. don’t get me wrong, i love shopping etc etc, but couldn’t the money come to better use? the price of one birkin could feed an entire family living in the slums for a few months, even a year.
    i had the same reaction when devdas was made. the disparity between the rich and the poor is staggering.

  29. How do we even know it’s real???? you need to be in a waiting list for around 2-3 years to get one. they just don’t hand it out to anyone!!! I’ve seen soooooo many fakes in dubai/thailand and even on canal street in NY ranging anywhere between $500-$2000 (yup even a fake is very expensive)

  30. I find her style very Nouveau riche ( which is true in her case) well girl style does not come in a few yrs. I feel get a good stylist to dress you up.

  31. I hate this oversized bags!!! they kindof look more like diaper bags..
    I liked the other smaller version of Birkins on some other people, but would think a bag or two should be enough,, not the whole rack picked up in sale like..


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