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  1. kiwi at | | Reply

    The first look is bordering on a wtheyy.. She should steer clear of edgy accessories like those booties.. they do not work at all with this dress plus for her edgy does not work.. the 2nd look is ok. She really needs to do something about her hair

  2. passionista at | | Reply

    I completely agree with kiwi- this is verging on wtheyy big time! And whats with the peculiar expression and awkward stance while posing for the cameras? So very anxious to flaunt that oversized clutch in both pictures. Money shouts but wealth whispers.

  3. Honey at | | Reply

    Love them both. She could change up her hair a bit, tho.

  4. Zaza at | | Reply

    As always, the clothes are wearing her instead of the other way around.

  5. Popely at | | Reply

    Hate that shade of green ! Why twice

  6. jamila at | | Reply

    first you pick an edgy dress to wear and then wear it as an auntiji. She has no real fashion sense, something that money can’t buy. however not impossible to acquire.
    Anu is an institution when it comes to how not to wear things.;-)

  7. diptiN at | | Reply

    I love both outfits. Not sure about the size of her clutch bags, a little too big. I think the booties are fab, but on someone with looong legs. booties like this makes one’s leg look short. I think her booties are by Valentino

    1. Vixen at | | Reply

      Nope. The ankle boots are by Jimmy Choo.

  8. QueenBee at | | Reply

    Lovee the Green colour…but since anu diwan has the brands she needs to hire a team of people who will put her entire loook togethr..like all the other socialites/society wives!! will make such a diffrence

  9. Lalitha at | | Reply

    It seems she is always ‘on-trend’ wearing the latest stuff. But I dunno, I feel like the clothes are wearing her, as if she doesn’t have the persona to really carry it off, you know what I mean? Natasha also wears alot of on-trend stuff and Twinkleb wears classic elegance, but both these women can usually carry off whatever they are wearing effortlessly.

  10. Adara at | | Reply

    Anu Dewan can be right on trend but never right on execution or has it in her to carry edgy stuff. EVER!

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