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  1. Leena at | | Reply

    Great confidence and attitude I dont think her sandals go with her outfit at all. kinda jarring

  2. NFashionB at | | Reply

    Color is no good on her face-Neither red lipstick ,no metallic dress.
    She needs better makeup and hair.

  3. peppy at | | Reply

    those shoes are from ALDO…now on sale..:)

  4. SS at | | Reply

    It IS a Nicole Miller and I have it in Wine color :)…must say the winw looks better than this shiny silver…but HEART her shoes!!!

  5. diptiN at | | Reply

    there is really nothing to like about her look, bad dress, awful bag and I HATE the shoes. the less said about her make up the better.

  6. grozny at | | Reply

    Miller..Schmiller…..this dress is a travesty! Anoushka is such a lovely looking woman, and she definitely needs a very different look to this to bring out her best. She would rock in Anamika Khanna, or something like Antik Batik or Lanvin.

  7. Anubha at | | Reply

    This is the same dress Sushmita wore at soem event , i guess Iifa, please check me if I am wrong .

  8. Rock~n~Rose at | | Reply

    And this is not classified as wtheey becoz??

  9. Tongue in Chic at | | Reply

    I like the look. And that bag is so on my lust list.

  10. preetidutta at | | Reply

    aweful !! she is scaring people ..

  11. mary at | | Reply

    I actually love the hair and the lipcolour. Very edgy and non conformist. As for the clothes, the metallic shoes and dress are an overkill. She could’ve worn some other coloured shoes with great results.

  12. Antonia at | | Reply

    I seem to be in the minority but I love the way Anoushka put together this look. It’s youthful, edgy & fun.

  13. ng at | | Reply

    omg..!! did sumone say PETA..?? she is carrying a Bottega Veneta clutch which is made out of an animals skin.. its absolutely pure pure leather!! do we call it double standards..?? FOR SURE..!!

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