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  1. way2sassy at | | Reply

    What is with these bandage dress trend? Don’t people realise that you need to have a killer body to carry one of these? Otherwise it looks like this…like she is wrapped in toilet paper by a drunk teenager!

  2. kasthuri at | | Reply

    She is daring to think she could pull of a Leger dress with her frame.

  3. bongbabe at | | Reply

    another day, another clueless bhabi in a leger dress.

    1. FARAH at | | Reply

      hahahaha….she REALLY has some guts man..

  4. monika at | | Reply

    for a moment i did think she was queenie…lol

  5. J at | | Reply

    OMG. That is the most stretch a Leger would’ve ever taken.

  6. Jay at | | Reply

    The belt (and bag n joote) are to distract from body! LOL…

    awww… we’ve all had days like this… dying to wear that IT dress knowing full well we’ll look like a whale in a corset…so bring out the shawl, the baggy cardy, control pants, the bling…anything to take away from the belly! x

  7. mesta at | | Reply

    Its just unfortunate that she even thought that she could remotely carry off the dress, esp when the duo themselves create some good stuff!
    And are those glares on her head at night?

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