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  1. Anon at | | Reply

    Thats such a bad sari!! Whats there to like?

  2. SULPHUR at | | Reply

    i kinda like that banaras blouse with dt saree…. gud…

  3. malika at | | Reply

    she looks like masi

    1. sue at | | Reply

      truly said there is something wrong with the whole look and wat`s with the blouse it is kinda URGH….

  4. bongbabe at | | Reply

    “how lovely does Anita Dongre look?”

    not much, sorry PnP. this look is ok if its worn by any regular person, not ok if worn by somebody in so called fashion business.

  5. Niti Barua at | | Reply

    Am Assamese and our traditional dress, the Mekhla Chaddar when draped, looks like d one anita is wearing.

  6. monika at | | Reply

    Not liking this saree at all……….the pleat fabric looks very heavy….& I do not like the blouse

  7. Pranx at | | Reply


  8. annie at | | Reply

    Whats to like in this sari? dowdy blouse and fugly color combination.

  9. ZI at | | Reply

    I have to disagree here….she doesnt look lovely….Very Ekta Kapoor Serial-ish

  10. rak at | | Reply

    WHAT do you like about that sari? its the most predictable of colour combinations, looks graceless and unimaginative. is it that it’s badly worn or is that the only way it can be worn?

  11. Sugar at | | Reply

    I don’t find anything likeable about the sari or her look. She is a designer? Good lord!

  12. Sarika at | | Reply

    Don’t like the saree much, bt i love the ways she carries herslef.

  13. Riya at | | Reply

    just love bandhanis and lehariyas in style…. i think she is looking nice

  14. Priyanka Hira at | | Reply

    Bandini and Lehariya is my favourite. Love the Saree.

  15. desiette at | | Reply

    Who is she?

  16. kiwi at | | Reply

    Her blouse should have been a cap sleeved one to make it wearable.., the saree is hardly agreat one.. an overall lehariya in the the same shade would have looked great

  17. sara at | | Reply

    yuckkk !!! PAINDU

  18. Arthi at | | Reply

    Nothing is right with this look… not the way it’s draped, not the accessories and definitely not the make-up!

  19. nikita at | | Reply

    nothing great about saree or the person wearing it…

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