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  1. jujunye at | | Reply

    woooooooooo what’s with mahek’s make up ?

  2. Nisha at | | Reply

    I like Maheka’s sari more, though I would not wear either

  3. Sej at | | Reply

    Both looks are tacky.

  4. sana at | | Reply

    love Anita’s saree.

  5. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    ouch…..my eyes. the outfits and makeup are hideous.

  6. sania chaudhri at | | Reply

    her make up and blouse are both SCARY!!!!!!!!

  7. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Forget the blouse, I cant get past that lipstick !!! Shez a designer right ? How , how how can these designers who apparently know so much about clothes and dressing well not know makeup.How come she went with lavender H to T but chose to paint her nails pink ? Guess we’ll never know…

  8. Thalassa at | | Reply

    Who died and made Maheka Mirpuri a fashion designer? Everything I’ve ever seen by her has been an unmitigated disaster. But then, I guess there is a market out there for such bad taste – something for everyone.

  9. Tongue in Chic at | | Reply

    Hating on both. Especially Maheka’s – her fashion designer’s license ought to be revoked with immediate effect.

  10. monika at | | Reply

    Love Anita’s Saree & jewellery.Hate Maheka’s make up & the tacky blouse!

  11. beans at | | Reply

    anitha’s saree is nothing great but overall she looks quite nice, especially the jewellery… as for maheka, she looks downright scary!

  12. rrina at | | Reply

    both sure orinary nothing to write home about

  13. the mad momma at | | Reply

    her blouse is tacky? I’m sorry – how does one manage to tear their eyes away from her awful make up to even reach her blouse?

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