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  1. manish at | | Reply

    the skirt an that top dont go well together at all

  2. trying too hard at | | Reply

    a nice short skirt – and she would have been home

  3. Sui at | | Reply

    she looks bad…the top and the skirt dont go well together…

    and pnp the top is also from zara …i saw it on zara’s india website..

  4. sara at | | Reply

    I love the skirt and top combo! I have exactly the same shirt and wasn’t sure how to pair it! now i do!

  5. Khanom at | | Reply

    is the blouse from zara too?
    I couldn’t find it on the UK Zara website.

    Can someone please tell me if you know?

    Thanks in advance..X

  6. Rushil at | | Reply


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