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  1. sdn at | | Reply

    ewww. no one could pull these off. maybe a 18 year old college hunk. that’s about it.

  2. rêve at | | Reply

    ewww! how old is this anees dude??

  3. fateema at | | Reply

    hahahahahah. omg i just laughed out loud. that is horrific. prefer the tank and gold shoes on the model MUCH more, relatively speaking. the guy on the right looks like a joke.

    1. fateema at | | Reply

      and the wing detail is ridiculous. goodness. I’d rather see plain old jeans and a proper t-shirt than this mess.

  4. Arti at | | Reply


  5. charan at | | Reply

    vest belongs to latinos… others should just wear it under the shirt

    1. charan at | | Reply

      i mean vest/tank or whatever that is

  6. kaya at | | Reply

    It’s somewhat bearable on the runway because of the model’s physique and blank facial expression but on him… woah! (In an entirely negative way)

  7. ko at | | Reply

    there I vomitted out my brunch after sighting him.. uff

  8. anon at | | Reply

    thanks for a good laugh:-)

  9. KT at | | Reply

    haha.. he definietly has guts to wear this out in public.. but yaa stupid guts!its a horrid outfit!

  10. zak at | | Reply

    man that model is looking just sooo perfect i like the look of that model guy

  11. Ekthalia at | | Reply

    Who is the model? He is hot.

  12. silveranklets at | | Reply

    TERRIBLE. Why isn’t this tagged as ‘WTheyy’?!

  13. Fatima at | | Reply

    :-( can’t believe he sares my hubby’s name! what a shame!

  14. TaperJeanGirl at | | Reply

    ohh MAN!! (I doubt ;))

  15. meha at | | Reply

    haha i have no comments for mr. anees muss. ahahahahaa

  16. Nick at | | Reply

    Close kin of Yash Birla perhaps

  17. Meera at | | Reply

    UGH. This man needs a mirror and a good pinch to wake up. Looks like he dressed himself in a deep deep deeeeeep slumber!

  18. Carton at | | Reply

    Ewww… I cant believe some of you think he is hot!!! his nose is like a BHAJIA! HE looks like such a WANNABE. NO style NO class, what so ever!

  19. pinka at | | Reply

    my eyes my eyes..they hurt…….wat is this….d fugliest thing i ever saw

  20. Azul at | | Reply

    Is that a Louis Vuitton fanny pack I spy on his belt? On top of the fricking abomination he has on?!

  21. Azul at | | Reply

    I almost barfed all over my keyboard

  22. jiji at | | Reply

    Lol, this is the best example of how do make a good look – BAD…infact Superbad!!!
    The runway model looks uber cool and this hairdresser looks…well let me just stop here.

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