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  1. ritzy at | | Reply

    its shibani kapur suri – from kavita chougles gang of girls !

  2. keya at | | Reply

    The guest lady wins it.. god she does it right… Love her style…
    I hated diana when first spotted with this outfit itself….

  3. preeths at | | Reply

    isnt that reshma bombaywala?

    i would have worn it without the tights.

  4. KB at | | Reply

    definitely …… the unknown chic looks way hotter in that dress ………..

  5. ananya at | | Reply

    diana looks waaaaay better

  6. charan at | | Reply

    love the look on the second lady…

  7. Rock~n~Rose at | | Reply

    Diana looks more classic and elegant.. i detest that golden belt on the second lady!

  8. Medha at | | Reply

    Whoever she is, she sure is effin’ HOT!!!!

  9. Kimmy at | | Reply

    I think they are both a great example of dressing one piece down for the day, and then spicing it up for night.

  10. Megha at | | Reply

    agree wth kimmy
    i like both for the occassions
    dress up and dress down the same piece

  11. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    Omg really??!! Diana looks SO MUCH hotter and classy as well..the other one just looks trashy..the shiny belt doesn’t help!

  12. Nick at | | Reply

    Diana manages to look charming

  13. Rashmi at | | Reply

    My vote goes to Diana – very classy and elegant. The other one is trashy

  14. Swetha at | | Reply

    the unkown lady, is Shibani Kapur Suri, and she looks very hot! i love the outfit.

  15. U at | | Reply

    Diana looks better put together and gorgeous.. Her tights may be horrible but not only is the other lady’s top a more clashy colour but the accessories are also clashing like crazy

  16. R at | | Reply

    shibani. the colors are a lot livelier… and she sure carries it off well.

  17. akaa at | | Reply

    DIANA .. LOOKS elegant.. the other lady … does look good but anything w/o elegance would never get my vote, unless its the grunge look.

  18. Jessica at | | Reply

    The other lady’s top is from ZARA and has a similar tie around belt like the one on Diana’s dress. I love the lady’s dress(minus the gold belt of course). Diana is just gorgeous.

  19. paris at | | Reply

    i think diana is wayyyy bettter! this shibani woman ruins it with the belt and the chain. too busy. and she’s wearing 3 different shades of gold.

  20. sri at | | Reply

    i love diana’s tunic..want

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