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  1. zina at | | Reply

    I prefer Shweta’s look…her accessories compliment the Sari, while Amrita looks extremely boring.

  2. wonderwoman at | | Reply

    why!!! whos the designer??

  3. Faiza at | | Reply

    shweta loooks betters. amrita just reminds me of NOW hiedi montag oops

  4. Kayshika at | | Reply

    Shweta wore it better.

  5. Ratna at | | Reply

    They could be twin sisters.

  6. Jiya at | | Reply

    I’d get shocked, then smile at the person wearing the same dress, will politely say that you’re looking very pretty adn walk away if I don’t know her. :) I am sure they managed to be mature and to bitchy…


  7. uumema at | | Reply

    i think shweta is looking better…but i dont like this saree!!

  8. jiji at | | Reply

    Oh no, i feel bad for them! I would be mortified! i would have to go home, change and come back! But i’m going to give Shweta plus points for wearing a bindi. She owns this one!

  9. miray at | | Reply

    my point goes to Amrita

  10. Jay at | | Reply

    Neither! God awful saris-and shwetas blouse Vs amrita’s bland face is a tie! Looks like they raided sale rack!

  11. neha at | | Reply

    Amrita Rao should often wear a saree. it suits her more than western dresses

  12. Aara at | | Reply

    It could easily be an Anita Dongre…She had the same silver lining thing and small dots in her recent collections, but not sure of the color…Hers were mostly earthy!!!!

  13. bongbabe at | | Reply

    “Would you be mortified if you had a Ditto moment at an event that you were at? Or just feel smug in knowing You wore it better! ;)”

    neither. i dont take myself that seriously.

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