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  1. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Never liked her. The cleavage coming from the most pushiest push up bra is so unnecessary and looks outta place with the salwar kameez.

    And OH NO – the gold shorts would have made it look like a low cheap thingy. The whole western / traditional is a horrible concept if they started with that blouse as a representation of traditional. I see some jasmine / middle eastern belly dancer like pants with that blouse.

    That satin sheet and the color of it is screams low grade…..

  2. Sej at | | Reply

    Don’t like either. Pic on the right-trying too hard Amrita. Trying far too hard.

  3. Rupal at | | Reply

    loo how they photoshopped the belly button…….

    1. Rupal at | | Reply


  4. Ksmommy at | | Reply

    Sorry, to me, Amrita has no Desi-heroine-material…

    1. Enne at | | Reply

      i TOTALLY agree with NO apologies!! I have no idea what shes doing in Bollywood!

  5. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Agreed, I was never a fan of Ms. Amrita..she’s never given me a reason to be…

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  6. neha at | | Reply

    i want her belly!!!! or lack thereof. she’s one toned sister that’s for sure!

  7. mg at | | Reply

    this magazine seems to be really tacky in general. i don’t like the clothes she’s wearing on the cover but her face and figure are not bad. i wish she’d find some better ways to show them off.

  8. mary at | | Reply

    OMG the proportions are grossly demented. The head is way too big for her body.

    1. mary at | | Reply

      In the first picture it seems like her head has been photoshopped onto someone else’s body. Very, very creepy.

  9. kismet at | | Reply

    well considering its for “the man” mag “cheap” “low grade” is the aim! ;)

    She looks better in the mag, but most people do for obvious reasons, doesn’t her face look a little like KAJOL in the mag pic, its the stunning eyes.

    I think everyone is put off by amrita rao and sexy poses, they don’t give her a chance as they have set “vivaah” minds.
    In that mag pic if it was Shilpa Shetty doing the same pose and outfit, everyone would have said ” soo sexy and suductive”, lifes unfair amrita!!!

    1. shonali at | | Reply

      she does look a bit like kajol!

    2. Purvi at | | Reply

      Yeah, she does look a lot like Kajol on the magazine cover!

  10. nil at | | Reply

    “amrita is trying too hard”
    this is a comment which repeats every time by a new photo of her.. what’s the problem guys?? pls be free of prejudices :))

    btw she looks good in both versions, a gold sequin short would be too much

    1. charan at | | Reply

      I agree… Honestly, even if she is trying hard to look nice, what is wrong in that?
      If one doesn’t, we say they shd try hard to dress better. And if one does, then we say, they try too hard.
      She looks good in both, but she doesnt have a strong aura around her. I dont know how you achieve that. But she looks good.

      1. spongy at | | Reply

        yep everyone tries or is tryin to look good hot watever but the thing lies in lookin effortless or effortlessly chic hot or trendy…n i don think ppl have prejudices bout her….if u ask 100 ppl prolly 90 wud say shes boring…n she neva looks confident..like she owns the look…anyways everthing is relative isnt it…good bad ugly…except ofcourse the speed of light…

  11. rubywoo at | | Reply

    I don’t like either outfit, the indian version just looks a bit off and the whole denim short shorts thing screams tacky and “look at me” – this girl has been in the industry for years and has never really stood and now she is try a lil bit too hard and does stand out but for all the wrong reasons… she is tiny but quite busty and that whole lolitaesque image she projects just puts me off!

  12. April at | | Reply

    You think Amrit ais busty,wow then what do you think of Urmila?;)

    On the mag cover she doesn’t look as bad as you all say.Not sexy and great, but not terrible either.Well I feel every actress from Deepika to Katrina to Kareena have had bad photo shoots/mag covers,so it’s OK.

    Whats tacky is the line ‘Amrita loses her inncoence……..(phew finally)”?????

    1. Indian Girl at | | Reply

      ewwwwwwwwwww…I never read the ‘Amrita loses her inncoence……..(phew finally)”????? part. LOL !!!

  13. SS at | | Reply

    yeah with you on the gold/traditionsl shorts with the traditional choli like blouse….denim looks mis cordinated here….

  14. miray at | | Reply

    she is a beautiful girl with a great body..
    the salwar kameez is nice but i love the choli esp. with the denim short :)

  15. dia at | | Reply

    just WOW for the mag cover im speechless

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