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Wearing a beaded navy Innana by Monica & Karishma gown, Amrita attended the recent Awards night. An updo, jewelry from Aquamarine and a Judith Leiber minaudiere finished out her look. She looked nice! But that pose on the red carpet… Awkwaaard.

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Amrita Rao At Zee Cine Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks like she is halfway into a blue sinkhole. The dress is too much for her with her super petite frame. Her clothes should be defined to meet her proportions and not the other way round which is what is happening here. That’s why she looks like she’s trying too hard !

  2. I think she looks fabulous. Lovely understated makeup to offset a lovely color on the dress. I wouldnt be so harsh on her. Yes, the pose is awkward and being in showbiz , she should know better.

  3. I think you all are being a little hard on Amrita. This is the best she has looked in a while. And I’ve seen several fashion offenders in worse poses than this on the red carpet :)

    • Agreed. She is one beautiful woman, and her pose, although awkward, is not a patch on the awkward post Angelina Jolie struck while presenting an award a few years back. I’m tied of this mindless adoration of “fashionable” people like Sonam, and this undermining of “unfashionable” or “BTM” (as some people say) women even when they are clearly looking stylish and very attractive.

  4. most stylish ive seen of her, she looks fabulous apart from bad posing. the culprit i think is the shiny disco ball of a clutch she is carrying

  5. Someone once said ” style is a dress of thoughts”.
    Which I understand to mean to have a’ sense of style’ one’s own personal thought, inspiration or idea is required. If you merely deck yourself up with expensive brand clothes and accessories without your own thought process of how it all should come together…you end up being a ‘bill board’. No offence, Amrita is a pretty lass but has no style or sense of dressing. When your personal thoughts go into how you dress, you ooze confidence, personal conviction, elegance and poise, which is termed style. Kiran Rao, Twinkle Khanna, Priyanka, Sonam, Deepika, Dia Mirza, Anushka Manchanda have this incredible gift. Whether they are attending events, private functions or travelling they step out with style.

    On the other hand to name a few , Amrita, Sameera Reddy, Neha Dhupia are walking bill boards. Catch them on a regular day, “Misfit Frumpy “jumps out.

    • I think you’re overthinking things. At the end of the day, they are just outfits-well chosen or not. I think the fashion industry makes its billions out of mindsets like yours. You make “frumpy” sound like the worst thing in the world. Some would describe Miss Marple as frumpy, but is there a more admirable and frankly, kick-ass woman out there than her ? Not in my estimation (admittedly, I am resorting to a fictional character to prove my point, but arguably, the best fiction generates life-like characters, and to me, there is no one more lifelike than her). And if we consider the world of films to which Ms. Rao belongs, I don’t think I have ever loved someone as much as I have loved certain actors like Farooque Sheikh in the 80s, Supriya Pathak in the 80s, or Rekha, or even Madhuri. And none of these people have ever been considered “fashionable”, but the odd thing is, I don’t think I care. And most women or men who are routinely labelled as “fashionable” don’t generate as much interest in me. Maybe part of the reason is that while I am interested in styling in general, and outfits in particular, I don’t care about being fashionable, or fashion as such.


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