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  1. KK at | | Reply

    I actually like the pink dress better than the blue one. Such a fun dress.

  2. SLC at | | Reply

    couldn’t agree with you more.

  3. seerat at | | Reply

    Dress itself is ugly but Genelia makes it work

  4. OF/THE/RECORD at | | Reply

    As outfits both of them are just wonderful…Girly and amazing blend of colors…. Here the Fashion victim are not the girls ,but the dresses….they both destroyed the outfits with their tacky hair-do…

    Ms Rao has a certain ability to obliterate any western outfit she decides to wear…something always goes wrong…!!

    I somehow though am growing on the Genelia look…her on-screen bubly and young persona works well wit the outfit and reminds me of Halele Steinfeld wearing sneakers wit her Marchesa dress and think Ms D’souza can also pull that look if the fashion critics give her some liberty….

  5. shreya at | | Reply

    i love this dress, especially the one on genelia. this the first time i’ve seen her amrita wearing something nice so we should encourage her.

  6. Nicky at | | Reply

    Pretty dresses both look good prefer genelia shoes

  7. SMV at | | Reply

    This print reminds me of “Calvin Klein” dress prints

  8. Suvi at | | Reply

    I think genelia looks good overall both dresses are fun n cute but Amrita needs. More volume in her hair.

  9. nids at | | Reply

    love the dresses … reminds me of colouring with crayons!

  10. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    Genelia is absolutely great in this!! No complaints about the sandals and her hair does justice to her dress… Like her…

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