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  1. jujunye at | | Reply

    i almost fainted… what an ugly horrendous outfit ! it shud be shut down in a closet n the keys to the closet should be thrown into the sea

    1. Kish at | | Reply

      or maybe the whole outfit should be thrown into the sea =D wastage of closet space =P

  2. Bsimple at | | Reply


  3. SULPHUR at | | Reply

    looks like an item girl trying to wear a flamenco dress. Gosh, we can play treasure hunt in those frills.. eek !!

  4. madhu at | | Reply

    i dont what to say.how can u call this fashion.

  5. nalini at | | Reply

    it looks like a belly dancing outfit. shimmy shimmy!

  6. salz at | | Reply


  7. Prema at | | Reply

    The skirt is pretty..I am not sure about the blouse!

  8. priya at | | Reply

    my eyes!!! my eyes!!! my eyes!!! my eyes!!! my eyes!!! my eyes!!! my eyes!!! my eyes!!! my eyes!!! my eyes!!!

    1. KK at | | Reply


  9. shaila at | | Reply

    she looks really stupid

  10. Jazz at | | Reply

    I hate her. She has such a tiny waist. lol But thats a waste. lol

  11. Flaneur at | | Reply

    at the risk of repeating myself….a minimum threshold standard…yes PnP??

    1. bongbabe at | | Reply

      i agree. i’d rather have fewer blog posts than so many WTHeyy posts, please. i’m bored of seeing bad photos of celina jaitley, amisha patel and the likes. this blog is about fashion, not about tacky tasteless zero-personality clothes.

      since the blog features so many people who are not actresses/models, why not find some new faces who DO know how to dress and feature them? a breath of fresh air? how about it?

  12. sons at | | Reply


  13. a-hem at | | Reply

    OMG it’s Carmen Miranda! Minus the fruit…

    1. Hema at | | Reply

      Haha….my first thought exactly! Carmen’s going to come back from her grave for the dress.

  14. Evelyn at | | Reply

    Looks like a saloon girl outfit from the old westerns o_o

  15. Shiva at | | Reply

    love the write- up for this post..
    super cheeky ;-P

  16. Abscessed at | | Reply

    Once upon a time there was something called design aesthetic…

  17. The Housewife at | | Reply

    You know… we have someone awesome talent out there in the Indian fashion scene and then there’s this! It hurts my eyes and my sympathies to Ms. Rao!

  18. ko at | | Reply

    i bet she thinks she is looking hot..lol

  19. nogina at | | Reply

    fashion police should throw the designer in Maxi-mum security prison for life.

  20. Dee at | | Reply

    OMG! I hope she was performing. The dress is disgusting even for a song and dance act. Such a pretty girl but she gets it wrong like 9 times out of 10 times!

  21. pri at | | Reply

    I wonder if Amrita Rao even likes this outfit. If anything, the fact that she’s posing like it’s Dior she’s wearing proves her acting talent more than any movie she’s ever done.

  22. a at | | Reply

    another “lollipop” head. She needs to gain a few pounds – she looks a little off.

  23. HB at | | Reply

    I like to call that a Spray paint Disaster

  24. Lalitha at | | Reply

    It’s as if a flamingo met a flamenco dancer.

  25. suzy q at | | Reply

    amrita looks a bit like a bobblehead here, in proportion to the rest of her.

    what a weird outfit.

  26. Indigirl at | | Reply

    I so pity Amrita for having to wear that walking disaster. She looks ready to dance in the Mehbooba number from Sholay.

  27. Genielove at | | Reply

    I want this outfit for halloween. I’m gonna be the hottest saloon girl around, someone find me my hot gunslinger!

    P:S Amrita Rao’s sense of style is skinnier than her waist size.

  28. dahlia noir at | | Reply

    she remembers me of an old american song.
    ” Copa, copacabaaaanaaaa”

  29. Pri at | | Reply

    I agree with Flaneur and bongbabe. It’s exhausting and frustrating to see so many bad dressers featured when it would be so much more interesting to scour society outings & events for the reall trendsetters out there! Clearly bollywood and style don’t always go together and WTHEYs don’t make a fashion blog! Couldn’t you guys start a seperate page on upcoming indian designers or trends or maybe a wish list page like red-carpet-fashion awards?

  30. Kiwi at | | Reply

    P and P, better not to put in any post rather than subjecting us to this ghastly stuff.. there are so many more social dos with better clothes.. These days I spend more time on a couple of other blogs and I am a big fan of ur bog but seriously , pl feature better dressed folks

  31. Kiwi at | | Reply

    How about Tommy Ton like posts..

  32. froufrou at | | Reply


  33. Nishant at | | Reply

    bijlee giraaney mei huu ayee

    kehtey hei mujhko


  34. vishnupadi at | | Reply

    Bollywood meets wild west cabaret

  35. will-kill-for-exclusivity at | | Reply

    this is not an outfit

    this is a costume

    perfect for a flamenco dancer

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