1. She looks lovely but she needs to learn how to smile and make a happy face. She always makes grumpy expressions. FAB styling!

  2. She has such a great figure, but it´s almost like she is afraid to flaunt it!
    The look is good, but the blouse needs to be more fitted for her petite frame. & the hair is a little too mature for someone so young. She needs to google fun young hair updos, her hair is most of the time too mature for her looks.

  3. She should stay away from net, shiny and mostly every other fabric that gives off a little girl’s vibe. Maybe even the colours. That would be a makeover that can save this poor girl. With the clothes she wears, she looks like an ageing girl in school.

  4. What…jewelry..? I love neon, but it does monopolize an outfit. If you’re giving a modern touch to the lehnga, go all out, girl! She could have added neon lips/eyeshadow/blush. It looks like a neon green blouse was superimposed on a sepia picture. Ghoulish.


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