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  1. Monika at | | Reply

    Not at all a nice look. Skirt is more like a salwar.

  2. Sapphire at | | Reply

    Amrita looks like she can easily fit into her 20 year back clothes.:D She didn’t change anything since her entry, except the makeup is bad here.

  3. Deepika Anu at | | Reply

    Genuine Query : How do celebs, who apparently seem out of work, afford ‘branded lifestyles’ – the salon cost + the clothing/make-up etc. ?

    1. stylebhelpuri at | | Reply

      + 100

  4. saki at | | Reply

    her posture looks off. is it the just the angle?
    unremarkable clothes but styled well enough. it might have been better if the skirt/trousers was lined all the way through.

  5. jasmina at | | Reply

    beautiful and talented actress who did not get her due in bollywood

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