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  1. desigirl at | | Reply

    priceless? more like worthless.
    i hope it’s not permanent ink.

  2. KK at | | Reply

    That’s awesome!
    Depending on who the celebrity was and how much I loved them.. I would DEFINITELY let them sign my bag, esp. if it was my favorite! It would totally become priceless!

  3. Isha at | | Reply

    well, if I am a celebrity making tons of money then maybe yes.

  4. Sandra at | | Reply

    Dev Anand looks good for his age…God bless him.

  5. Sangita at | | Reply

    She definitely must have picked that up from china town!

  6. priya at | | Reply

    hmmm, that depends on who the celebrity is. I would totally let SRK sign my most precious bag for instance.

  7. Aarthi at | | Reply

    Well it depends on WHOSE autograph it is…if it was someone I idolized, I mean like really and truly idolized (say MJ for instance) then the answer is a YES OF COURSE!!! otherwise, I woiuldnt even bother getting the autograph…not even on a piece of paper!

  8. MD at | | Reply

    Dev Anand is way beyond SRK…….doubt if SRK would reach those heights

  9. swee at | | Reply

    I wouldn’t get an autograph of any celeb, least of all DA on any prized pocession but if it is an ugly bag, I don’t care about, then may be!

  10. monika at | | Reply

    I don’t think so. ….unless I am as rich as these damsels here & can afford to not use that bag again.

  11. Elysia at | | Reply

    The bag looks suspiciously fake.

  12. Sindhu Gururaj at | | Reply

    Is it a fake one? I would never allow Dev Anand to sign on my precious bag…I feel like crying!! It would depend on the celebrity who would be allowed to autograph my bag that too a fav one…

  13. Sindhu Gururaj at | | Reply

    I love the Versace Seepy though…Yummy……

  14. Pg at | | Reply

    Really I wouldn’t do a thing like that especially not if I don’t rake in moolah!

  15. Megha at | | Reply

    not sure i’d get even my idol to sign a $1000 bag
    but then a $1000 means a lot more to me than it probably does to Amrita Rao

  16. vidya at | | Reply

    If it is dev anand, the YES. He is such a charmer – Was seated next to him in a long distance flight and I never wanted the flight to end. He was 80 then – Shudder to think what effect he would have had when he was 40.

  17. preeths at | | Reply

    ummm never ever on a bag :)

  18. Sonal at | | Reply

    Hey nothing wrong in getting your bag signed by a living legend.BTW I like Amrita’s watch can someone tell me which one is it?

  19. desigirl at | | Reply

    You guessed right :)
    i find him too weird…. guys with wigs creep me out. no offense.

  20. nisha at | | Reply

    well…. she is a fan of his. I dont see her looking distressed at his autographing her bag

  21. herdisnot at | | Reply

    @sangita; that has been on my mind as well. the fakes abound in china. i am sure there must be some indulgences there. much as i respect dev anand, in this recession i don’t think there will be much appreciation of his autograph on a genuine bag. good question to ask….how to sift the fake from the genuine? that could be a possiblilty

  22. RB at | | Reply

    I wonder how these starlets can afford to buy all this designer gear! amrita rao and this bag thats so not money well spent! I find this rare spotting of designer gear quite weird, somehow doesnt gel :S

  23. RB at | | Reply

    funny enough, i see this lady only dressed in swapnil shinde forgettable outfits!, so designer totes are a first

  24. deewani at | | Reply

    agree with desigirl, the bag looks uglier, I mean if u get a celeb to autograph ur bag, than who could tell if real celeb signed it or u did it urself, also who would go on telling everyone that a celeb signed my bag… that would be so tacky…

  25. emem at | | Reply

    i dont care who it is – i wud be thinking i hope the damn ink washes off – or i can sell this and make some money!


  26. siddharth at | | Reply

    My answer is similar to that of Isha.. If i am a celebrity making of tons of money then of course why not, but unfortunately thats not the case with me.

  27. charan at | | Reply

    I would let a celebrity sign my bag… but it depends on the celebrity. Its like “collectables” and its worth lot of money depending on who signs it.
    Although, once signed the bag is never going out of the house, ever!

  28. binerry at | | Reply

    she can now sell the bag on ebay and make money off it :))

  29. pj at | | Reply

    why would anyone buy this bag if they had a 1000 dollars????

  30. pdaervo at | | Reply

    only if it’s Johnny Depp…I would ask him to tattoo me if I could :P

  31. dn at | | Reply

    I guess if it is Dev Anand it is okay. If I had had the chance to meet Audrey Hepburn I would surely get any or all expensive bags signed by her. It would be priceless for me!! Sadly that can never happen.

  32. claire at | | Reply

    i wouldn’t let anyone write on my bag! unless it’s a plastic bag maybe :P
    but back to amrita: finally!!! no ugly contact lenses!!! i thought i would never see her true eye-color ever again lol

  33. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    No matter how rich I become (hahaha), I would like to spend my money well so no question of getting a precious bag and then ruining it by getting an autograph on it. There is only one couple on Tellywood I admire enough to get their autograph,which if I get the chance, would get in on my fav book (lol random! but that’s what I would rather do). Not spoil an expensive bag hehe:P Btw, I like what Amrita’s wearing here, except the bag:)

  34. Belle at | | Reply

    LoL as most ppl have said, depends on who it is. Dev Anand? Definately not!! He’s gross!

    But Akki or Sallu or SRK…why not? and then get some sort of protective spray on the autographed part so I can use it as well. lol.
    It would make me happy, it’s not just to show other ppl, coz yeh, you could have done it urself, but if it makes u happy, why not?

  35. indihues at | | Reply

    i can give that honour to paris hilton

  36. MD at | | Reply

    oh Dev Anand in those black n white movies …………..they don’t make em like that any more

  37. Nick at | | Reply

    Only have mine autographed (ruined) if it is going to get me noticed ;) And who knows probably she might have got home and erased it with some perfume or nail polish remover..

  38. shrishti at | | Reply

    i can give my precious bag if there would be shahid i like amrita though

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