Shimmer And Shine


These ladies went the embellished route while at a recent event. Of the three, Esha was our least favorite. Not a fan of the dress, nor do we think the accessories she picked worked with it. Though we don’t have a full-length, we thought Amrita looked cute. But, it was Shazahn who was the favorite. That skirt looked great on her!

P.S: Amrita is in a Topshop dress and Shazahn in a skirt by Surily Goel. Also, that’s a Prada clutch on Esha, and a Jimmy Choo on Shazahn.

L To R: Amrita Puri, Esha Deol And Shazahn Padamsee At Blackberrys Sharp Nights

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


    • That’s clearly a dress, they are Not missing pants! Please refrain from your archaich sensibilities on others…

      • Esha’s top does look unflatteringly short on her.. a couple inches more or leggings would have done her good.

      • Drama Queen,

        Everyone understands it’s a dress, but it’s a bit too short and ends up looking incomplete – is what some of us are trying to convey and that’s the way we see it. Our sensibilities are up to date, so please refrain from commenting on others’ sense of judgement and keep your comments directed to the celebs and their fashion sense as you see it.

  1. Amrita hands down. Also please can u feature Sarah Jane and Soniya Mehra from this same vent? Live why they wore. Or maybe because they were not designer clad, and that’s why you haven’t featured them yet? I am for girls with REAL style!

  2. I don’t know what’s changed, but esha’s started looking beautiful … before (pre-marriage) she just came across weird …

  3. I like Shenaaz’s look the best. Although all the girls are wearing dresses with similar length Esha is at disadvanatge because her dress is body hugging at the wrong end. Makes her lower body look wider because of how and where that dress is hitting her.. Amrita looks fresh and casual.

  4. I have to say it-s an almost for Esha. The shoes are so clunky. Shazahn looks good but I personally don’t care for these shapeless chiffon tops. We can’t see what shoes Amrita is wearing, but her hair is in the way, too much on the dress. A side ponytail or fake sidecut would look great.


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