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  1. malini at | | Reply

    yup kareena does look the best..

    about flower girl… you sure she i alizeh agnohotri.
    her parents alivra and atul are soo good looking.. she looks darker…

    1. Tanya at | | Reply

      uh..so what if she’s darker? what exactly is your issue with that?
      She has a beautiful face. Grow up.

  2. suchi at | | Reply

    kareena looks teh best, malaika is looking pretty too. i still cant get over how ugly the surroundings look! couldnt they have spruced the place up a bit?

  3. KK. at | | Reply

    @malini – “her parents are so good looking…she looks darker” need i say whats wrong with that comment. yeah Kareena does look fantastic.

  4. nefertiti at | | Reply

    loved malaika’s hairdo. goes so well with the Grecianeque outfit.

  5. apsara77 at | | Reply

    first of all, it’s really tacky to comment on whether a pre-teenage girl is pretty or not, and that too concerning her skin color..secondly, i actually think the bridesmaids dresses (especially kareena’s and mallika’s) are pretty..i think this is one of those weddings which seems to have lot of personal touches to it..and not the usual bling blng affair, which is refreshing to see…

  6. Lana at | | Reply

    Those dresses are gorgeous. I’m surprised they decided to go with all western attire though.

  7. dn at | | Reply

    I would say both Kareena and Malaika looked great. Love their gowns. Why is Mallika’s dress darker? Arpita and Alizeh look very unhappy to be there…..

  8. Fatima at | | Reply

    Yup Bebo looks the best…

    gotta say quite an unusual combo…but Mallika’s dress colour was gross!! oh well…

  9. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    Kareena looks so pretty! In fact she looks so good that she makes the others look bad.
    I have never seen Malaika this covered up. She looks nice too.

  10. yaya at | | Reply

    i like Malaika’s dress the best

  11. yaya at | | Reply

    i like Malaika’s dress because she looks like a Greek goddess plus her is nicely done and also like the strapless on Kareena

  12. mishal at | | Reply

    i like kareena’s hair a lot.
    malaika looks gorgeous too!
    and arpita is kinda weird

  13. Sonali at | | Reply

    Kareena looks gorgeous

  14. Chandi at | | Reply

    urrrgh why peach of all colors. For some reason, this wedding seems to be organized in a hurry. Everything seems to be so out of place. Anyways I love Malaika’s make-up and thats about it.

  15. Fatima at | | Reply

    @dn…I could ignore Alizeh, but arpita….no way! why can’t she smile…especially the first pic…the others are holding their bouqets, yet she looks like someone forced her to stand there, and she didn’t want to…

  16. kashish at | | Reply

    Malaika looks fantastic..love the gown, the hairdo, the whole Grecian ensemble is so pretty..Kareena looks equally stunning..though I do love MAK’s gown more..ditto @ apsara77

  17. pitu at | | Reply

    Kareena and Malaika look awesome. Mallika’s dress color is awful and the 2 girls look so sullen! Smile, it’s a wedding, for god’s sake!

  18. RT at | | Reply

    I agree with many that said both Malaika and Kareena look good. I even like the detail in the back of Malaika’s dress. Their hairdo looks good too, the colors are very refreshing! Also, although they have western attire for these, I believe they have planned a traditional affair at Taj where Manish is suppose to design something nice for Amrita? Can’t wait to see more pics! Thanks for posting these! I really like the outfits so far in Amrita’s wedding!

  19. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Mallika Bhat looks gr8 ! Well she is an awesome MUA after all ! Malaika looks very pretty too. I like the hairstyle and the pretty makeup. Not gonna say anything about the color….its a happy day :)

  20. Nick at | | Reply

    Bebo looks fab.. not liking the way the dress which is worn by the lady on extreme left. The bust looking detached from the rest of the outfit sometimes doesn’t look gr8 to me

  21. nefertiti at | | Reply

    I think Kareena can tone down on the blush a wee bit. esp during the day… :) but she looks great otherwise

  22. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I like Malaika’s dress the most, just becasue Kareena’s racoon eyes deter from her beauty
    the setting really takes awawy form evrything though :/

  23. Vishakha at | | Reply

    They all look great…except i dont like the dress worn by the flower girl.

  24. j at | | Reply

    I actually like the dirty surroundings coz it gives a feeling of not being real and obssessed with every detail of the wedding as most people do. Seems like a very ‘normal’ kinda wedding , lovely .

  25. Priyanka D at | | Reply

    Malaika looks really hot here – without her usual OTT skin show! She should cover up often; she is hot with or without the skin show. Kareena here looks really pretty. Not at all her usual diva-esque self. Love her here.

  26. KK at | | Reply

    I think Malaika looks the best! I like the one strap gown a lot!!

  27. Surbhi at | | Reply

    umm.. i personally dont like this color at all.. i think everyone kinda looks washed out by it.. not fresh and nice as they should be.. i agree, why cant everyone smile? guess they woke up too early in the morning to get ready for this

  28. Kheerni at | | Reply

    I like peach but the bodices of these dresses remind me of Orange creme LifeSavers, and that I don’t like!!

    The color transitions on the bodice could have been more subtle and shaded instead of looking soo stripey.

  29. Megha at | | Reply

    kareena looks so fresh!!

  30. monika at | | Reply

    Both Mallaika & Kareena look so good. :)

  31. saba at | | Reply

    ooh ppl plz spare the lill gal…..n also i think the dresses could be soooo much better even high street gowns are better than these, considering they had been individually designed…….bleh

  32. sk at | | Reply

    kareena and malaika look absolutely gorgeous. arpita and alizeh are probably just shy and nervous about all the media attention so we can cut them some slack about their ‘deer caught in the headlights’ expressions.

  33. Ashi at | | Reply

    Malaika looks amazing. I love her hair and makeup.

  34. G at | | Reply

    Malaika looks beautiful! I think she outshines Kareena anyday. People stop showing your racism on this website- stop talking about people as ugly because of your skin color. Let’s be proud of the fact that we are Indian and brown. Alizeh is beautiful!

  35. vinni at | | Reply

    Kareena looks lovely,sooo pretty…Malaika’s looking nice too.and Arpita is just looking like a kaam wali bai …so weird.that flower gal has also ruined the pic.

  36. Not A Sheep at | | Reply

    I actually think Malaika looks the best here. I love her hair, the dress, her makeup, it all works so well.

  37. zee at | | Reply

    Malaika looks great. Impeccable. The li’l girl is cute.

  38. Nida at | | Reply

    Dude Malaika and Kareen look fab! I love that Kareena was a bridesmaid… all that “we’re besties” talk was real… aww, that’s great!

  39. Adit at | | Reply

    @Malini you sound like all the grand aunts – who want you to be fair and lovely to get married …peer pressure I guess. Mallu looked lovely by the way and Mallika looked very much the person in charge, telling the rest what to do….at least that is what I saw.

  40. amandaaahhh at | | Reply

    malaika and kareena look alike lol..

    malaika looks good covered up! well her legs, anyways lol.

    kareena has a beautiful smile.. never noticed that b4!

  41. Missy at | | Reply

    This is such a refreshing change from all the Bollywood bling. Make up, clothes, background…things you can relate to = normal.

    I like Malaika the best.

  42. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    I guess I’m in the minority here but I don’t particularly care for any of the gowns. The colour is too bland.

  43. jazz at | | Reply

    omg mallika’s gown, i love! i normally dont like one shoulder dresses, but this one is really nice. oh by the way is Arpita a brat??? She seems like one to me! Its sad how in India, atleast once in ur life, u’ll have to hear how unfortunate u are to be born with dark skin! :(

  44. jazz at | | Reply

    Im not a kareena fan, but she looks ethereal here! And Bebo, that little fat does it for you! Remain like that

  45. xoxo at | | Reply

    like malaika and kareena both ..bt yea the colour suits kareena more…

  46. SMM at | | Reply

    I loved Malaika’s gown

  47. cracker at | | Reply

    ok my comments:
    Kareena: lovely fresh . hair is great too as is her expression.
    Malaika:looks nice a few notches below K also bec of her skin tone. the expresssion to model like.
    as for the other two Mallika Bhat and Arpita could have had a lighter tone finding the dress color not suiting either and Arpita looks like a sullen child.

  48. rubywoo at | | Reply

    lol @ at all the skin colour comments – most of bollywoods so-called beauties are skin-bleached to within an inch of their lives as they progress through the stardom ranks not to mention loads of nips n tucks along the way. Lets see hot Alizeh looks like in a few years.

    The dress’s look the best on Kareena and Malaika – Kareena because it flatters her skintone and Malaika because of the cut /the hair and lets face it the lady is very attractive as it is.

  49. Such at | | Reply

    These comments show that we need more dark-skinned models and actresses who don’t get bleached or airbrushed…and get to show off their lovely skin tone.

    I was most disappointed to see Kajol on a TV show recently. Why does she look strangely beige-skinned? What did they do to her?

  50. ena at | | Reply

    Hate the colour- its like a bad tutti-frutti icecream shade. all of these women would have looked significantly better (and been in a better mood) had the colour of their dresses been any better.

  51. Neha at | | Reply

    of course kareena and malaika look the best, looking good is part of their job. but the other two are not actresses so we should cut them some slack right? I personally think malaika looks better

  52. Shweta at | | Reply

    I think Malaika looks so MUCH better her…she’s wearing a floor-length gown *GASP* lol…Kareena looks great too…aww the wedding looks so sweet…Amrita’s sis and her bff as bridesmaids…aww makes me wanna get married lol

  53. Fancy Nancy at | | Reply

    Maliaka’s make-up is just perfect!

  54. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    i love malaika and kareena, though kareena works her peach better! she looks fresh as those flowers!!

  55. mg at | | Reply

    @ vinni, thats v rude to say arpita looks like a kamwali bai. she was adopted by helen and therefore doesn’t look like the rest of her family but that doesn’t mean that people like you should call her things like that. i doubt that u look like a model yourself.

  56. U at | | Reply

    It’s in tradition with all bridesmaid’s outfit that the must look horrendous compared to the bride’s. I guess that’s what I figure from all those wedding chick flicks I’ve seen.

    I think they all look sweet.. though alizeh looks like she has too much make up on.

    And omg!! malaika with her clothes on actually looks fab!

  57. queen at | | Reply

    alizeh looks so cute all you blind bats !

  58. SeXY Devil at | | Reply

    @vinni and others – Do not be so very shallow and so ignorant. Give Arpita some time to grow up. I personally think its great to see a *kid* not succumb to makeup esp. when you are surrounded by bollywood beauties all the time. All the comments on this forum disappoint me because they tend to show a preference (obsession) for lighter skin – which sucks because i thought that attitude flew out of the window 20 years back! Also, out of the million pics being clicked on that day, it is OK if some pics do not have a smile in place, or have disarrayed hair.

  59. malini at | | Reply

    wow.. all i said was she is darker.. does not mean it’s offensive.. :)
    i what really meant was.. she does not look anything like her parents.. features and all…

  60. the mad momma at | | Reply

    wow – what does it say about us when we comment on a kid’s looks? arpita and alizeh are both just kids. busy with school and stuff that they shoudl be – not bleached and made up.

    as for the shade – a lot of spring weddings in india have peach for the bridal troupe. almost chose it for my own wedding but then settled for a lovely sea green. that siad – this is a terrible shade of peach. very muddy.

  61. fopa at | | Reply

    Kareena looked the Best!

  62. Bloo at | | Reply

    Malini… I think what most people are objecting to is that you stated her parents are good looking and followed it up with the comment that Alizeh is darker. Your intentions may have been different but it reads like she is not good looking like her parents because she is darker. It seems especially so because you expressed doubts over her lineage to begin with…

  63. cOCOnUT at | | Reply

    wow! everyone looks absolutely beautiful…this color is perfect for a nice daytime spring wedding, and goes well with amrita’s lace dress

    I love how the bridesmaid dresses are all similar but also different

  64. sim at | | Reply

    Yes the wedding was planned at the last minute they were suppose to have the wedding at the church but the church called the night before that they will not be able to provide the needed security so they changed the venue at night before. Also this is the church wedding, but she did have a lavish sangeet (very bollwoodish) she is suppose to have another one by Mallika and Arbaaz and followed by a Nikah and even a reception I think, so this was the only unique thing we will see with her events.

  65. sony at | | Reply

    I think Malaika Arora looks THE BEST among all. Kareena looks the same …ALWAYS

  66. monika s at | | Reply

    Malaika and Kareena look gr8 among all…
    kareena looks stunning and vry fresh just like a flower…

  67. NJ at | | Reply

    Just when i had given up hope on Malaika, she turns up looking gorgeous! I think the gown makes her look elegant compared to the tarty dresses she usually wears. Kareena may be ‘peaces-n-cream’ pretty but she’s just so Blah! I think Mallika’s dress is a darker shade because she is broader compared to the others so the pale peach would have been unforgiving on her hips. The darker tone is more slimming. Smart thinking but not necessarily the most pleasing colour!

  68. me at | | Reply

    ok I feel sorry for flower girl, isn’t she way too old for her dress, she is like thirteen or something wearing a dress of a seven years old, people don’t do that to your relatives in your weddings its not nice, as for Malika and Kareena, they look ok, who is this Arpita is she salman’s sis? if yes hwy Salman and his bros are all fair and she is so dark

  69. Vishakha at | | Reply

    I just hate this whole “all bridesmaids have to wear same dresses” concept. I was a bridesmaid for a wedding and while the other two bridesmaids were caucasian so the peach dress, makeup and hairstyle suited them well, i really didnt think i looked my best in it, just didnt suit my indian looks. Why cant we have it like it was in Sex and the City movie where the bridesmaids wore different dresses in different colors but still complimented each other!

  70. Kheerni at | | Reply

    I think Mallika may have been the matron of honor, hence the darker color to diffrentiate from the bridesmaids?

  71. Shweta at | | Reply

    Hey I agree! I like that idea much more. I was a bridesmaid once as well and had to wear a shade of purple that I hated (lol yeah) BUT it would be awesome if they could wear different colours

  72. suzan at | | Reply

    they all luk nice but Mallaika n Kareena luked da Best!!

  73. k= at | | Reply

    awwww thats so sad! i cant believe they had to cancel the church venue last minute! amrita must have been so upset! aww bless!! xx

  74. manisha at | | Reply

    mallaika lukd da best n kareena was os fresh as flower as always

  75. manisha at | | Reply

    mallaika lukd hot n kareena was stunning as always

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