1. Nopes.. didn’t like the booties then don’t like them now. These shoes gotta go! And that dress or whatever it is, needs to go too!!

  2. i think ankle boots look good only with ankle cut jeans or skinny jeans…amrita has really mismatched here. it looks really odd. she should have gone for knee high boots if she really wanted to wear boots :)

  3. Hey Amritha Arora, one of Santa’s little helper elves called. He wants his shoes back.
    She is lookin like preity cuz Preity has been messing too much wid her face that she is turning into amritha.

  4. NOOOOOO!!!! I was horrified when I scrolled down and saw those things. Not only do booties not go with her outfit (which would have rocked with a pair of gladiator heels), but they look like they’re a throwback to 1990.

  5. Well, I guess she isn’t called Malaika’s BABY sister for nothing- the booties are a good fit with the diaper/ romper/ playsuit thingy she has on!


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