Another Balenciaga Spotting


Although it is in the most delicioso color, can’t quite get bring myself to love this duffle!


P.S. Wearing black innerwear under white, so not acceptable!


Amrita Arora at Farah Khan’s Triplets Birthday Bash


Balenciaga Arena Pom Pon Bag

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. this bag is huuuge. i like it, but would NEVER take it to a party! i would use it for a casual day affair, probably also during travel. the leather looks quite luscious.

    also, while i do appreciate that amrita feels comfortable in public w/o makeup, she should at least put on enough to make her look like she didn’t just wake up. and what’s up with her cheeks.

  2. i really don’t understand where the girl got all the money for these stuffs… not offense meant, but she isn’t a top actress at all to earn so much?!

  3. i am sure there is some rent a bag program in mumbai.. gotta be.. otherwise these people have new bags all the time and arent exactly raking in gazillions.. or maybe they dont eat and spend everything on bags…

  4. I can’t stand these bags with the super short handles. You can’t carry them on your shoulder because you would probably sweat into it(UGH!), nor can you lug them around your forearm without a high risk of permanent nerve damage.
    Who in the world came up with this stupid design?

  5. Hey peeps, I pointed those cheeks out a LONGGGGG time back. I know, what ever the hell is up with that tomato got stuck on your face look???? Adit (the dude who is apparently from the inside circles who posts on HHC) had pointed out that Amrita does some tomato routine or something with her cheeks to look like this!!!! Yeah, you guys can imagine the laugh I had at that one. Not only are her cheeks fugly, she actually puts in special amount of work to get them looking like that.

    That said, I can never see beyond those cheeks in this woman, sorry P&P, some people can get away with bad underwear cuz noone gets to that point. I for one stop at her cheeks every single time. ROFL.

  6. she probably borrows Malaika’s bags..but then how does Malaika afford it…probably the Khan brothers have money invested in several businesses…

  7. That may be rosacea guys! poor thing… it doesn’t look normal for someone’s skin to be red that way…. doubt its any tomato diet or whatever.
    re: the bag- not digging it either. i think its the short handles!

  8. “s kids, my sister and myself were not allowed to put make-up. So we would rub beetroot for that pink blush on the cheeks! It’s a make-up tip that has stuck with me. Rub some beet on your cheeks and keep it on for a few minutes before washing it off with water.”

    ……Amrita Arora (Quoted from The Telegraph – Calcutta Edition, | Tuesday, November 27, 2007)


  9. oh come on guys, do you really think she does that beet thing anymore? i mean, granted it worked for them when they were younger, but even if it works now, who’s gonna take the time out to put that junk on their face when they can quickly brush on some blush? i think it might be roseacea, which would also explain why she isn’t wearing any makeup. shame.

    @ Madhu, damn woman, i thought i was mean, but your post was really harsh.

  10. the lady’s come such a long way, with nothing at all going for her, really. i do wonder how, and admire her for that. she has neither looks, nor personality, nor a pleasant voice, nor style – but she’s managed to come reasonably far. hats off.

  11. its tamato and beetroot – if I remember my post correctly Madhu…having said that not her best pic, she has put on a tad weight and the shirt is illfitting…about her bag – she and Mallu share, clothes, bags and accessories…and why not.

    They both go to Jamuna Pai and have exquisite skin…

  12. I am pretty sure its beetroot and nothing else. As for people who think why anyone would put junk on face instead of a blush on.. it might be perhaps that natural stuff have fewer side effects and are beneficial for your skin in the long run. For example, I swear by a honey and salt scrub for a facewash. I know its silly when i use moisturizers and other things on my skin but somehow i feel like i am harming my skin less…

  13. $1,795 !! WTF do they get this money from????????????????????? .. i mean is she even a part of any movie these days??? Or is this another “lookalike” stuff??

  14. na na she puts beetroot juice on her cheeks. Heard her saying this on TV. i guess on MTV Style Check, which Malaika used to host earlier.

  15. Her cheeks are horrible.. her shirt is 2 size smaller for her(look at rhe button at her **** , its about to fling… and Her black demi bra from her see-through shirt… they all all are hurting my eyes enough to not even notice the bag..

    The bag is nice for doing casual, and I kinda like her watch too.

  16. This is one of the most entertaining threads i have read on this site….what with beetroot and tomato and rosacea and bagborrowsteal…lol.
    Having a sucker of a day today…but now i feel slightly happier. :D


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