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  1. Ursla at | | Reply

    Is she pregnant? She looks good

  2. ruby at | | Reply

    her make up is way off..the foundation looks white against her skin like a mask

  3. suzy q at | | Reply

    i don’t think ill ever have deja vu over amrita arora’s outfits…they’re pretty meh, and she just not memorable either.

    this is one is pretty meh.

    1. rosanna at | | Reply

      Agree. She luks just about OKAY. & is it me or does her face realy luk aged out?

  4. Kind at | | Reply

    Her face is looking weird. Maybe her makeup is off.

  5. tina at | | Reply

    hey you guys changed you post lol…i saw it was differnt yesterday…you said she wore the same dress differently however they are different dresses…was going to tell you but thought i sould leave it…glad you changed it…you guys have a really good eye for fashion…as for amrita she looks the plain old boring boring self here although i do like the simple dress

  6. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    Looking tired and haggard. Black isn’t helping.

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