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    one word HIDEOUS
    and i am disappointed as well

  2. Neeku at | | Reply

    The Goblin size Ring is UGLY !

  3. One Trick Pony at | | Reply

    Totally with you on Amrapali. the KM store is heaven. this is most certain not.

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  5. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Strange Arabic inspired designs, i guess that is where the money is…lots of women in the middle east wear huge rings (after all it is the only part of the body you can see)

  6. sherry at | | Reply

    actually some of the finest designs are seen in the middle east. i have friends from africa owning jewelery synonymous with the tribes they come from. those may not look welcoming for day to day wear, and not my personal style, but when it stands to represent a culture, mood, occasion or even a serious fashion statement i think they are very expressive and beautiful.

  7. love and squalor at | | Reply

    seriously! everythin’s so busy and clashin’.

    I still think the very first design is good though.

  8. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Sherry, in reply to your comment about African designs, they are beautiful, I have peices from Somalia (yes Somalia) that are to die for, and though completely different from Indian jewellery look great when worn. The problem here is the model was made to wear all of the jewellery togeather, hence creating an eyesore for some.

  9. Nepali at | | Reply

    Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2008 RTW Collection has some beautiful authentic looking Indian (maybe inspired) jewelleries.

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