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  1. kasthuri at | | Reply

    This-to a promotion-of your own movie ?!

    1. lush.green.pastures at | | Reply

      Five words: Velour.Rompers.Must.Be.Banned.

  2. Lady gaga at | | Reply

    She looks like dressed to lounge in her backyard

  3. RS at | | Reply

    Her skin is glowing. A beautiful, beautiful woman who, for some strange reason, wants to dress herself like an American teen.

  4. riya at | | Reply

    she has the fit and toned body and the look of a girl in her early 20s..she can easily carry off such outfit + all ill informed souls here, she was promoting the film at a school among kids..
    grow up u fools

    1. Paroma at | | Reply

      Wow, the moderation on this site has really taken a nosedive hasn’t it…I just scrolled through all the nasty ‘aunty’ comments on Sonakshi Sinha and now here is this person referring to other readers as fools…

      1. SD at | | Reply

        Err..my..gawd.. she was wearing this to a school??? o.0 o.0

    2. Anon at | | Reply

      Uh yeah exactly. Its a school not a park! She looks like she’s lounging around in her house. And I’m so over these juicy couture stuff *blerghh*

      1. ash at | | Reply

        me too. what is this crap!??! its good for wearing around the house i guess. maybe i just have a mental block against tracks, they are not meant for anything but running!!

    3. Rue at | | Reply

      Errr… wearing this anywhere other than your bedroom is WRONG! And if having that point of view makes me a fool then I’m happy being a fool.
      And yeah, moderation needs some work, gals. This ain’t cool. No one should be allowed to post comments like this.

    4. Dipika at | | Reply

      does promoting the movie at a school mean you try dressing up like a schoolgirl yourself? this woman lacks grace. she looks silly.

  5. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Amesha Patel … lovely sexy women .. but OMG get over the Juicy Couture please!! Leave it for lounging in your own home or the gym!
    And what’s with the pink everytime … there are other colors as well!!

    BTW .. Riya .. my darling … Even if you are promoting a movie in a school amongs kids … doesn’t make it right to dress up like a kid yourself! She could have chosen jeans or a maxi or a jumpsuit even.

    Shorts with a hoodie and those chappals .. makes you think shes off to the beach soon!

  6. Rajvi Bhow at | | Reply

    a velour suit and flip flops.. seriously? where was the event? her living room? ;)

  7. Ayelet at | | Reply

    She does look fitter than she did in her heydays. Regardless, inappropriately dressed for anywhere outside one’s house.

    Also, name-calling, really? It’s like this bubblegum pink has turned us all into kids.

  8. $ at | | Reply

    Look is so casual for the event in question..plus plus plus those slippers..Grrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. leoninelion at | | Reply

    she has become so thin!!! forget the velour, that’s all i noticed

  10. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Why oh why? Personally I just scroll right past the posts about her..

  11. bhairavi at | | Reply

    Here she goes again. First let me start off by mentioning that this woman is 38. This is a shame for any bollywood actress to dress this way. You are an Indian woman. She ALWAYS dresses tacky (thinking she looks all that and a bag of chips).
    And yes, age does matter. Amisha.. you are OLD. Dress appropriately, regardless of how good you look for your age. You are tacky honey

    1. K.K. at | | Reply

      it’s rude to call amisha old. there are so many rude comments now on this site. the aunty comments for sonakshi were so rude and unfeminist.

      1. bhairavi at | | Reply

        Let me rephrase then.
        When I say old, I am emphasizing on her NOT dressing age appropriate. One has got to come to a point where you don’t dress like you are a teenager. Look at Madhuri, Shilpa, Sushmita etc. They all are dressing gracefully, age appropriately.

  12. RHEA at | | Reply

    too casual.. though, love the fact tht shes wrking hard to sty fit

  13. sakshi at | | Reply

    The outfit is okay for BBQ, but not okay at all for the given event.

  14. Hetal at | | Reply

    Maybe she is “in character”, giving her the benift of the doubt ! :)
    Only that explains dressing hideously to movie promotions.
    and which school did she go to promote the movie? from the name of the movie , seems a bit inappropriate for screening in schools, unless it was educational???Which I highly doubt it..

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