In Ramona Narang


Ms. Patel also was in Dubai to promote Race 2 and for the appearance picked a yellow Ramona Narang dress that should instantly remind everyone of her IIFA appearance (see here).

Except for the color, nothing really worked.


Ameesha Patel at Race 2 Promotions in Dubai

Photo Credit: Facebook/City1016


  1. Wow she looks gorgeous. She is pretty but almost never fails to ruin it by her horrible sense of dressing. But this time imo she has nailed it.

  2. Is it just me or she’s really looking like a desi version of Kelly osbourne..?? on the other note… i like the hair and the pink nails.. not feeling the dress or her in it..

  3. much as i cant stand her, i absolutely dig this! i like how she let the colors pop out just right. like how she kept the eyes bland with those delish lips, nude shoes again bland with bright nails. i think she looks great!

  4. Am on the fence…the color works on her and the neutral make-up and bright nails all looks good. Just the length looks uncomfortably short.

  5. what peaches and cream skin!! awesome! if u discard the full length photo and keep looking at just the other two…now thts an instant love!!

  6. Not that it’s something drool worthy, but she does look cute, fun and everything put together does somehow have a soothing effect on the eyes . . . She doesnt look phenomenol but it’s somehow working for her in a cute, easy and not-trying-too-hard manner . . .

  7. ok, her dress needs to be longer.,.,. looks like its going up her hoo-haa… other than that, she looks like she’s wearing too much foundation/moisturiser/cream??? her eyebrows need some filling… if not for what’s mentioned, she would’ve nailed it!

  8. is she on a beach with a wrap-around on? TOO SHORT! super short hemlines appear different on skinny-legged models and completely different on normal sized girls. lengths just have to be appropriated with the size of girl in question. and she just doesn’t seem to get it.

  9. That dress might be a little too short for me to even try it, But I, for one, think she looks pretty here. I like her hair. she is not flashing anything in an in-appropriate way. Except for the length of the dres she looks clean, pretty and fresh!

  10. If the dress were a few inches longer,i would have said “she looks gorgeous!” Unfortunately,the length of the dress took away the whole gorgeousness:((

  11. I’m mad about the whole color pallette she has going on. But, predictably, she pulled an Ameesha as usual. Sigh. She forgot her pants at home. This dress length just makes her thighs look massive…not attractive

  12. she looks perfect and very nice, every time she ruins it but this time she got it all right. Just the dress should have been longer or full length.


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