When Louis Vuitton is sweet enough to host you a pre-birthday bash at the store, should you be gracious enough and wear something from LV? Logicial answer may seem yes.

Alas, that is not what Ameesha did. Instead, she did worse but wearing a Gucci Spring 2011 belt with a strapless dress. Let’s hope for Vuitton‘s sake that she, at least carried an LV bag!

Left: Gucci, Spring 2011
Right: Ameesha Patel Celebrates Birthday at Louis Vuitton Store

Photo Credit: Twitter


  1. i completely agree with what you are saying BUT seeing that it is about fashion shouldn’t you be saying something about what she wore and how she wore it? the other stuff is more moral police than fashion police dontcha think. :-p

  2. It’s more likely that a party hosted at a Louis Vuitton store is a sales and marketing gimmick. Often the hostess needs to guarantee a certain amount in sales, so I wouldn’t call LV’s gesture sweet yet.
    The frill on Ameesha’s outfit distracts from the Gucci belt – very messy…

  3. That belt doesn’t go with a light airy summer dress that she’s wearing. The belt is appropriate for an Autumn look and on a woman with a long torso like deepika.
    Overall the belt is too masculine and don’t like.

  4. Amisha has a long long connection with LV… shes been a loyal customer pus when their store at champ elysees opened..she got an invite too..

    i wonder what they gave her for a bday gift??
    belts fine but i agree with P…if LV threw her a bday bash…she cud have atleast worn LV

  5. HHCers, please get your facts right before you talk! Ameesha is a loyal customer at LV and she did endorse their brand a few years ago. Where is the question of a publicity gimmick when there was no media coverage of this function? It was held between Ameesha and her friends only, she shared those pics on Twitter that’s all.


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