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  1. kasthuri at | | Reply

    PnP thanks for calling in Kutha chudidhar and not something “english-i-sized” like tunic and leggings like you often do.
    Apart from the pregnant lady, i like Gauhar’s bright festive look too.

    1. Priyanka at | | Reply

      We’ve always called a “churidaar”, a “churidaar”. :)

  2. KJ at | | Reply

    I like Amisha Patel & Juhi Chawla also. :)

  3. diptiN at | | Reply

    My vote goes to Sushma Reddy. I like the color and fit of the whole outfit. The shoes are are so appropriate for the outfit, color and style

    1. shilpi at | | Reply

      +1 , also a refreshing change from heavy duty blingy anakarli everyone favours these days

  4. rina at | | Reply

    How awful does ameesha look. Ugliest shoes! Perizad looks best of the lot

  5. Rash at | | Reply

    I personally liked Juhi’s dress..but wished it flattered her body more.

    Aaagh, what is with that pink color lipstic of Gauhar , DISLIKE !
    Did you all notice, Angela’s and Shreya’s churidaar looks same :D

  6. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Sushma!!! She looks elegant.

  7. shruthi at | | Reply

    Sushma Reddy is the best of the lot!!!Her style is just about perfect!!!

  8. shruti at | | Reply

    guys, you have just GOT to post anupama chopra’s pic and ID her salwar for me…its so gorgeous my head is spinning!!

  9. Bipasha at | | Reply

    I’m much liking Shreya Ghoshal ‘s outfit..its the best! nd she looked beautiful. :)

  10. Simran at | | Reply

    Amisha’s make-up is ashen! For a second there, I mistook Gauhar for Anushka Sharma. Perizaad looks adorable! :)

    1. Puja at | | Reply

      ditto evn i mistook Gauhar for Anushka..
      Sushma’s dress look gr8 as well as her choice of footwear.. bt she did it all wrong with too ashy (clownish) makeup..
      Parizaad n Gauhar looks better thn the rest of the lot..

  11. s.s. at | | Reply

    I wonder what the bride wore.

  12. simsim at | | Reply

    Just can’t stand the see-through pantyhose like churidars like Angela is wearing, nor for that matter ameesha’s shine Lycra ones.

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