Sari Style


Handloom cotton saris are what Amala favors most not that we are complaining because they do look nice. But, wish she had dressed a lil’ more for the Filmfare awards (on right).

Amala at Nagarjuna School Logo Launch (Left) & 58th Idea Filmfare Awards South 2011 (Right)

Photo Credit: IdleBrain


  1. Aww .. she looks hot even in those traditional saris…….. no complaints of her choice of clothes for the event ;)

  2. Amala is a very beautiful woman and she dresses very elegantly. She is like a breath of fresh air from all the bling and synthetic stuff other celebs sport. Whatever she wears she looks glamourous.

  3. Anyone who knows Amala’s simple understated style mantra would realize that wearing an halter blouse with a handloom saree IS adding some glam to her look.I haven’t seen her look this good in ages.She looks Young and Fab.Love it.

  4. Were ANY of the men dressed up? All I see in the background are jeans, jeans, jeans.

    I think all the South actresses should just say *screw it* show up in jeans and t shirts, or some decent enough blouse.

  5. Thats a raw mango design i think and I have a similar saree in the same colour. its just gorgeous. not in agreement with you guys here. I think she looks fantastic, classy and so not OTT like the MM brigade.


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