1. black and orange= Halloween…. i mean i get that it’s an American thing but srsly…the shape isn’t great either. I just want ppl to stop wearing orange and black together like that. I mean the other day I wore dark wide leg denim with a midnight blue satin shirt and carried an orange clutch. But that didn’t make me look like a Halloween character. *sigh* It’s the same when ppl wear things like red and green together—>tomato or Christmas project.

  2. Forget the do – what’s with that monstrosity of a dress. Why would anyone in their right mind walk out with that on??? It’s like someone took two different pictures and put the top half of one and the bottom half of the other together.

  3. It’s not that horrid, but she failed to work it. The bracelet, bad makeup and weird hair ruined any chance of salvaging it.

    • Strange? If you had been in this blog long enough, you would know that Sonam can get away with anything(almost!). lol.

      • haha I thought the same thing..
        either way…I don’t see anything wrong with the hair?! maybe its just me but i thought pageant hair is supposed to be BIG..with stiff and perfectly defined curls and a large amount of hairspray…Isha’s hair is not THAT big …looks like she just curled her hair and I dont see anything wrong with using a curling iron

      • agreed!! I’m sure if sonam were to take a shit on the carpet Payal and Priyanka would find something nice to say about that too. Isn’t that true PnP?

  4. O god..what has happened to her..sh gone crazy.
    Are these 2 different pieces or 1 dress in horrible combo or same sadhu’s loongi/bottm drape tied up…

  5. OMG!! She’s looking like an overly done-up christmas tree.. the ones that litle kids dress up! Perfect with those shiny christmas balls that are made on her cheeks!
    And what is with that dress & the color combination!! Im sure these stars have stylists to style them up.. but if the stylist was blind, I dont know what happen to Isha!
    TICH TICH what a waste of a beauty, only if she was put together well!

  6. Hey could you ID this dress… it looks like a cheap imitation of an alice+olivia dress that i’ve had my heart set on for the longest time ever!!! Does this also have 2 snap on strap thingies at the back?!


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