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    Speechless. …….

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    Alia looks amazing! Each of her appearances are getting younger and more fashionable. She finally looks like a 20 year old having fun with fashion.It’s great really! Looks she has upped both her acting skills and fashion choices.. She’s the next big thing for sure. Keep it up and keep having fun with fashion. You can afford to!

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    She looks good. The styles and styling has been different, I am glad she is working all these looks.

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    she looks lovely! stylish and so cute! i think she really has come a long way from her past disappointing sartorial choices (remember highway promotions? eeks!) . its like someone gave her reality check of how young she is and the fashion liberties she can take. i like it. keep it up young one.you look fabulous!!

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    Neckpiece looks overwhelming on her petite frame!

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    Finally, she is wearing for her age … and how lovely she looks

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    i really like this look on her. its so summery and trendy and the best part is she looks effortless and so comfy! alia pulls it off with panache. Kudos to her new stylist..alia has become a treat to look at lately.

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    She’s seriously going through a pencil skirt phase! I’m a little bored of it but she def looks good. I want her to switch it up a little though.

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    I have seen this look on a lot of Bollywood ladies and they have to let this phase go because it has died. and those Bib necklaces need to be thrown out of the closet…she looks pretty but she can not be a style icon ever

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    She looks really cute- I like the look except for that necklace, it’s much too overwhelming on her.

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    I dont like it…The pretty necklace ruins it…Otherwise this was a perfect 10/10

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      I agree. Don’t see the point of the necklace.

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    I was so glad when acid wash disappeared. Apparently it’s back. Her outfit seems a tad haphazard – casual clothes with heavy necklace and dressy shoes?

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    She reminds me so much of Kareena, especially the angles and the poses here.

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    Wow. My jaw dropped, she’s so thin now and looks so grown up and age appropriate! Looks like she’s really coming into her own. One to watch that’s for sure.

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    I love acid wash denim and it’s comeback in fashion. Alia looks incredible and super trendy! These looks are flattering for her body. Keep it up!

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    She looks significantly skinnier. I like the look though she looks a little washed out.

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