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  1. monika at | | Reply

    She looks so sweet… I love this look.
    Can you id the jacket?

  2. mishti at | | Reply

    Is there cold in Kolkata?…. Especially in 1st and 3rd it seems that she is wearing this for the month of February… !!!!

  3. Neharika at | | Reply

    She looks good but I dont like the jacket. A bit ill fitted if I could add. Also, I am tired of seeing those shoes on Alia. And the makeup does not go with the whole casual look…She can do better than this.

  4. Adara at | | Reply

    This kind of american teen look does suit her. She looks nice. Guess she has been losing weight! :O

  5. A at | | Reply

    We’ve all been saying Alia should dress her age. But what do we have here? She’s dressed like an off-duty Kylie Jenner hanging out with Willow Smith. This isn’t a look for an actress promoting a movie, however young she is.

    1. Kala at | | Reply


  6. sree at | | Reply

    She looks great! I can totally see myself wearing this outfit. Love the hair as well.

  7. T at | | Reply

    Im sorry. Casual-grunge-ey doesn’t work with peaches and cream make up!

  8. Rose at | | Reply

    Wanna be Kylie Jenner much? The hair ruins it. Her stylist should stop copying Kylie’s wardrobe and give her some originality. She has so much potential!!

  9. RDM at | | Reply

    The cute makeup and the outfit don’t go hand in hand – but she still looks nice

  10. afshi at | | Reply

    it’s summer and probably boiling hot in india…..why is she dressing like it’s fall??? boots in the summer always irk me.

  11. abu at | | Reply

    The jacket is from Topshop

  12. MachineGunMeow at | | Reply

    Next please!

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