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  1. Adara at | | Reply

    Lovely she looks. The middle pic second row, adorable. :)

  2. $ at | | Reply

    She could have done her hair differently as its a one shoulder dress….dark pinks lips would definately look better here…but just look at her face..Fresh !!! especially bottom row…

  3. Ranij at | | Reply

    She looks cute! Love the yellow on her. Like that she’s fine to go with bare minimal makeup. She s so young and it shows!

  4. Aashini at | | Reply

    Hair and makeup is still bah! Time will teach her I guess.. soon, I hope!

  5. Anu at | | Reply

    It’s too mature. it’s funny how she thinks she can be someone else’s stylist when she clearly has no good style herself.

  6. RM at | | Reply

    This is the first time I like how she looks…normally I feel like her clothes are too stoic and mature for her age. It does feel like something small is missing so the pink lip may have helped, but other than that she looks easy breezy cute!

  7. Zeena at | | Reply

    What a ugly choice of dress

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