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  1. Kirk at | | Reply

    If Alia wears two differnt shoes it’s Fashionable but when Rakhi Sawant does it (which she did a few years ago…and does that make her Alia’s style inspiration?!) she is crazy and an attention seeker!!
    And no, I’m neither a Rakhi Sawanr fan nor of this “trend” (please let this not be a trend!!)

    1. BlueBells at | | Reply


    2. Sup at | | Reply

      It’s only a trend when the next person does it (I sincerely hope noone does), and then we will know Bollywood has seriously zero fashion sense.

      I never knew of Rakhi Sawant trying it, but this seems like a personal / random moment, I hope it stays that way.

  2. Sapphire at | | Reply

    Obviously Shahrukh is the highlight in this post, any doubt! DASHING! In love with him from many many years.

  3. Z M at | | Reply

    She looks so frail!

  4. Shiny Object at | | Reply

    It’s borderline Stupid to deem it a trend. I have always wondered why we allow ourselves to dumb down our collective intelligence so much. She wears 2 different shoes. I would have pointed it out to her and said “please stop making a fool of yourself”. Emperor’s new clothes.

  5. Jess r at | | Reply

    My favourite Alia look ever!

  6. Neharika at | | Reply

    How stupid to wear do different shoes unless your left shoe size differs from the right one & a pair doesn’t work for you. Which might be the case with Alia :)

  7. kk at | | Reply

    Ummmmm…NO!! Lol

    Yes…..why not let it be a fashion trend?….because not everyone has money just lying around to buy two pairs of the exact same shoes. Plus it’s not quirky…it’s plain foolish.

  8. Oddjig at | | Reply

    The look is awesome! comes together really well. The hair really elevates the look -fun and edgy.

  9. Asha at | | Reply

    Please god let this not be a trend.

    1. Melange at | | Reply

      She looks cute nevertheless. What is bothering me about these pictures is Shahrukh Khan. He looks so haggard. The facial hair is terrible.

      1. Sup at | | Reply

        Haha I read this joke somewhere asking how much SRK and Kajol paid for VFX in Dilwale to look young and glow like a tubelight.

        I don’t feel he’s looking haggard, but I really prefer his bearded / closer-to-his-age looks than the I-can-still-do-25 (no, he cant) ones.

  10. Mt at | | Reply

    Heh when I worked for a leading newspaper in India we’d make up trends exactly like this in the fashion section saying it’s so with it with college kids today. It wasn’t true then and it definitely isn’t now!

  11. Slc at | | Reply

    Cute dress, except the shoes.

  12. karishma at | | Reply

    she’s looking flawless from ankles up!

  13. Sylviana at | | Reply

    Although I love how incredible Alia looks here(yes, I am willing to look past the mismatched shoes too), am I the only one who was instantly reminded of Kareena’s IIFA 2014 pose as soon as I saw Alia in the third pic??
    Alia, We know you are a huge fan of Kareena but do you really need to imitate her this much??!:P

  14. Ik at | | Reply

    Two different shoes, oh no one would have thought of that before and failed.

  15. BlueBells at | | Reply

    Lol. There is no ‘quirk’ in wearing two different shoes.

    Curtain dress alert.
    Lining of the dress similar to bed-sheet alert.
    Joker shoes alert.
    Not going with the outfit hairdo alert.
    Flimsy pout alert. (Is she recreating kareena all the time?)

    Dunno why people say she do those silly pouts that usually bolly actresses do. All of her instagram and especially twitter pictures are filled with pouting with shahid, sonali bendre, kareena, her cat and what not..

    Another ‘I smirk at her quirk’ look for me.

    1. BlueBells at | | Reply

      she doesn’t do those silly pouts*

  16. lizzy at | | Reply

    The shoes are cute. But her hair is horrible!!!

  17. Doss at | | Reply

    OMG, everyone needs to chill out. She’s just having fun with her look, which is something a lot of the younger actresses are accused of not doing by so many of you. And obviously she hasn’t bought two pairs of Blahnik’s, her stylist has provided her with one shoe in each colour.

    PS Shah Rukh’s beard is for his next film, Raees, and you’d look “haggard” if you worked 18 hours a day for the last 25+ years.

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply

      Love your last line. He looks so hot in Raees trailor. :)

    2. runreadtravel at | | Reply

      Fully concur! I think shoes add a quirky touch to her dress. And it is fine! They are plain shoes, I actually like what she did there. Of course, if it were to become a street trend, we would get shoes in different colors packaged in the same box. Though I hope it does not become a trend, the quirk works one off and on stage rather than on a metro station.

    3. Sup at | | Reply

      +1 to everything you said.

  18. trupsster at | | Reply

    Why the heavy negativity against the different shoes? I quite like it, and think its a genius move! It fresh (because I haven’t seen how Rakhi S did it), its different, its playful, and yes she has the money and/or the contacts that make it okay. Even if it does catch on as a trend, and I hope it does, it doesn’t mean that it has to be okayed and picked up by *every* woman on this planet. Also, I’ve seen many people, including myself, do silly things when it comes to shoes like different socks, different laces on both, etc. – its fun and endearing!

  19. Sup at | | Reply

    I love how much she experiments; the Shaandar promotions were a treat and I really miss seeing her that often.
    She looks great, love the hair, the dress and the shoes.

    It can hardly be a trend, don’t know why anyone would worry about that in one sighting, esplly when someone is clearly having fun with their look. this is exactly what is fun about fashion! :)

  20. Panache at | | Reply

    All i could remember is hrithik’s dialogue from k3g where he says kareena that she is in different pair of footware and she replies, it is new trend. She prooved that she is student of karan and she is fan of kareena.

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