In Dior


Wearing a sequin Dior dress paired with a mini Lady Dior and suede pumps, Vogue India’s Sep cover girl attended the anniversary bash. Those pumps were a major downer.

Dolce makes a pailette sandals and that would’ve really made this look pop.

Alia Bhatt at Vogue India’s 5th Anniversary Bash

Dolce & Gabbana Pailette Sandals

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. But had she worn the Dolce sandals your comment would have been that there is too much sequin going on and that she should have broken up the look with a different shoe. Am I right?

    • totally it would have been match much. Don’t like these shoes she has on but don’t think P&P’s option works any better (sorry ladies). Black shoes are ok just wish they were peep toe. Other than that I LOVE this look… much better than her previous looks.

  2. Dont you think those sandals would be lost with that dress?

    Loud dress called for subtle accessories, which she has got.

    I dO not see an issue…

    • + she is holding her breath which accentuate the forced look of her pose. She is overwhelmed, & must have been reallly nervous. Poor girl.

    • Give the girl a break! I’m not into Alia myself but she is a newcomer, nothing wrong with practicing a pose or being a little stiff – in fact its endearing!!! I like her a little more now.

  3. I also don’t like the shoes and i think the dress should be a little shorter, maybe knee length or just above the knee. The dress is beautiful but looking good on her.

  4. pfft! another rich star frm a rich bollywood fam!
    i wonder how easy it was to get on the cover of vogue!
    many grls out there work so hard to get in the industry and havnt got a chance.
    damn she’s lucky! but its so unfair.


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