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  1. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I dont care about the clothes… but man does she have a gorgeous girly face.

  2. slc at | | Reply

    Not a fan. The fabric looks cheap. I normally like yellow and black together but this one is not working. The outfit was screaming for a neck piece.

  3. nabila at | | Reply

    She needs some makeup, her appearance looks so ungroomed with her hair like that. A messy braid and makeup would make it work.

  4. Ashi at | | Reply

    She is such a cupcake!!

  5. $ at | | Reply

    black tank is looking like a innerwear :\

    1. amber at | | Reply


  6. khushboo at | | Reply

    with such a cute face she has so much potential…she just needs a good stylist..she vl look good in cute dresses n may be some edgy outfits! this is nt working!

  7. Sara at | | Reply

    IMHO – she looks super cute. She has a really pretty face and because she is so young, f she over-styles herself, everyone is going to say her dressing is not age appropriate. At this age, she can explore fun quirky styles right? Why does she need to fit into a certain fashion box wearing “a color blocked edgy peplum dress with a messy side braid and berry lips and loubs and an over size clutch for a pop of color”?

  8. fashionistaa at | | Reply

    dhoti pants suit only the lanky body type. cant help it, us short and not so lanky ones must stay away from them.

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