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  1. MM at | | Reply

    As much I love him, I think it’s a thumbs down. A shirtless Akshay is a better sight than that faux pas.

  2. Jane at | | Reply

    I agree he looks much better shirtless :))) But the screening look is pretty close so it gets my vote :)

  3. Megha at | | Reply

    Sorry to be so direct but EWWWWWW

  4. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

    I just don’t get Bollywood Male (lack of) style sense.
    I really, really don’t. Nowhere in the world (India included) have I seen men as badly dressed as our male celebs.

    Seriously, how hard is it to figure out that sheer clothing is absolutely unsuitable for a man, especially an action star? And this is one of his least offensive appearances. Skin-tight leopard print shirts, ultra hideous denims, garish florals, women’s shoes, plunging necklines…the list of horrors is truly endless.


    -End of rant-

    1. RS at | | Reply

      Well said, Chocolate Martini. Your rant is spot on.

  5. suchi at | | Reply

    the pic on the right with the tank is much better. the tank less one is ewwwww

  6. KJ at | | Reply

    Hahaha… I loved poll option #5. The shirt is blah but he looks so handsome.

  7. anushka at | | Reply

    that top is hideous!

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