Of Levi’s and Louis’


Akshay Kumar launched the Levi’s 501 ‘Live Unbuttoned’ campaign with a bang in a pair of Levi’s Tee and denims and completing the look with a metallic Louis Vuitton Monte Carlo loafers.

But, I doubt, y’all noticed anything beyond that bare chest! ;)


Akshay Kumar, Levi’s 501 ‘Live Unbuttoned’ Campaign Launch

Louis Vuitton ‘Monte Carlo’ Loafers
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  1. O_O
    and his body is definitely better than those six packers (namely SRK Salman -shudders)
    although, he shows no neck in his add (or in this pic hehe) proving Tyra Banks point that actors never show neck

  2. Wow! Akshay seriously receives much less praise, attention and publicity for his well-toned body, as compared to say John Abraham or Mr.6-Abs Khan.

  3. Akki looks HOTTT, no doubt! hey p & p, i was wondering..can u guys post a comparison between enrique iglesias and imran khan ( his look in the new movie Kidnap) ,..cozz really the resemblance is reallyyy striking! (or mayb its just me, but he is another hottie!! ;-)

  4. What shirt? What shoes? What jeans?

    Oh…you mean the BOD? *drool*

    @pdaervo: hey, please explain that comment you mentioned…about not showing the neck?

  5. Hahahah gone are the hairy days lol I totally forgot about those days until I read Yalda’s comment. Abhi looks like this because he doesn’t train with weights. Hence the nice lean, and natural(!) look.

  6. akki said on tv that he always had the 6 pack but no one could see them bcos of all the hair. lol!

    how does he train if he doesn’t go the gym and doesn’t use weights? it can’t be all yoga?

  7. Not an Akshay fan but I have to say no other Bollywood actor (maybe John Abraham) can carry those silver loafers with such ease, he makes them actually look good.
    He is a very good looking man, everything he wears looks good on him He gets better as he gets older, he was so Punjabi looking in the 90’s. I love his looks now kinda international.


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